Chainsaw Man Chapter 157: Denji In Trouble; Release Date, Where To Read And More

Readers are anxious to witness Denji's rescue from the clutches of Public Safety after the previous chapter witnessed the boy have his legs severed. Find out more about the upcoming chapter here.

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Tatsuki Fujimoto, Shueisha, MAPPA, Crunchyroll
Chainsaw Man [Tatsuki Fujimoto, Shueisha, MAPPA, Crunchyroll]

As Denji's grim destiny continues to unfold, fans eagerly anticipate the revelation of his mysterious savior teased in the previous chapter. Denji’s now lost legs, and readers are anxious to witness the boy’s potential rescue from the clutches of Public Safety, as well as Nayuta’s current whereabouts. Find out more about Chainsaw Man Chapter 157’s release, where to read it, what to expect from the chapter, and a recap of Chapter 156 here.

Chainsaw Man [Tatsuki Fujimoto, Shueisha, MAPPA, Crunchyroll]

Release date and where to read

Chainsaw Man chapter 157 is scheduled to release on Wednesday, March 6, 2024 at 12 AM JST, as confirmed by the official MANGAPlus website. For most international audiences, the chapter will be available during the daytime on Tuesday, March 5, 2024. However, the exact release time will vary according to individual time zones.

Fans can enjoy the chapter on various platforms, including Viz Media's official website, Shueisha's MANGA Plus service, or Shueisha's Shonen Jump+ app. While the former two platforms offer free access to the latest chapters of series, the latter requires a paid subscription for full series access.

Chainsaw Man [Tatsuki Fujimoto, Shueisha, MAPPA, Crunchyroll]

Chainsaw Man Chapter 157 expected plot

With no verifiable spoilers available, readers can only anticipate the upcoming chapter's events. However, based on the events of Chapter 156, Chainsaw Man Chapter 157 is likely to continue the intense and dire situation faced by Denji. With Denji's legs amputated over 26 times already, the next chapter may focus on Denji's struggle to survive and escape from the Tokyo Devil Detention Center.


Additionally, the appearance of the unknown character outside the detention center at the end of Chapter 156 may lead to further plot developments in Chapter 157. This character may be Asa Mitaka and could potentially play a significant role in Denji's escape.

Chainsaw Man [Tatsuki Fujimoto, Shueisha, MAPPA, Crunchyroll]

Chainsaw Man Chapter 156 recap

Chainsaw Man Chapter 156 opens with Denji awakening in a hospital room, noticing a helicopter and smoke outside. He calls out for Nayuta, only to find Hirofumi Yoshida in the room with him. Denji urgently asks about Nayuta's whereabouts, but Yoshida claims ignorance, stating Denji has been unconscious for a week. Yoshida reminds Denji of their deal regarding his transformation, expressing his inability to help Denji or Nayuta further due to breaking the rules.

As Yoshida leaves, Denji loses consciousness again, and Yoshida informs Fumiko Mifune and others outside that he administered a sedative. Mifune reveals Public Safety's intention to dismember Denji, prompting Denji to dream of telling Pochita that he must save Nayuta.

Pochita questions how Denji plans to save her without his legs, hinting at Denji's amputation while he is asleep in an operating room. The doctors proceed to amputate his remaining leg. A Special Division agent reveals their orders to kill Denji if he escapes and discloses their location in the Tokyo Devil Detention Center, indicating the difficulty of a rescue mission.


The chapter concludes with the appearance of an unknown, possibly female character outside the building, hinting at potential developments in the ongoing narrative.

Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for the release of Chapter 157 for the next thrilling chapter of Denji's story in Chainsaw Man.

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