My Hero Academia Manga Might Introduce New Villian Before Finale? Here's HOW

Chapter 425 of My Hero Academia teases a new villain after Shigaraki's defeat. A mysterious, masked figure emerges from a tunnel amid city wreckage, hinting at a potential new threat. Know more!

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Spoiler Alert! The article below contains spoilers for My Hero Academia.

The manga teases the entrance of the MHA's next possible villain after Shigaraki and All for One's defeat, so the epilogue may be more like one last story arc. It remains a mystery who this seemingly villainous figure is but they may provide some insight into how hero society has changed.

In Chapter 425, the graduation ceremonies at the University of Arizona were mostly discussed, as third-year students like Mirio Togata graduated and Class 1-A became Class 2-A. A pair of scissors is shown near the end of the chapter, followed by a mysterious crying figure with messy hair wearing a mask. Upon emerging barefoot from a tunnel, the figure huffed as he walked through the wreckage of a city.

Who is this mysterious new character and what might they be up to?

The idea of a hero society was one of the biggest themes of My Hero Academia throughout its run, and how people were slipping through cracks and becoming lost, turning into villains in this society dependent on heroes. The example of Shigaraki illustrates this perfectly with people refusing to lend him a helping hand because "a hero will take care of it," and they 

didn't want to get involved. Shigaraki may not have ever become a villain if just one person reached out to him with a helping hand (other than All for One).


Most of the League of Villains were like this, showing how hero society failed those on the margins. During Shigaraki's final exchange with Deku, it is made clear that the old society is gone, destroyed as the villains wanted it to be, and now is the time for something new to be built. To prevent people from becoming villains from slipping through the cracks, and to help them get the help they need. It would be a fitting conclusion to the villains' efforts if that were achieved.

Has the new mystery character taken any action yet?

Since this character has only appeared in a few panels, he hasn't done anything villainous yet. Only their menacing appearance suggests that they might be on the verge of becoming a villain. This does seem like someone who has lost everything in the fighting based on their situation (crying, barefoot in the rubble). It is the right time for a hero to reach out to them, to help them recover before negative impulses take over and cause them to act in a truly villainous manner.


It is necessary to show the audience that things have changed following Shigaraki's defeat and that Deku's new world won't allow people to fall into villainy due to the circumstances of their lives if My Hero Academia has one last story arc. It is up to Deku and the next generation to address the flaws of the old hero society and prevent someone like Shigaraki from resurfacing.

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