Princession Orchestra Anime Set for 2025 Release; Plot, Cast & More to Know

A new original series called Princession Orchestra was just announced and is set to release next year. Here is everything we know about the project so far.

Published on Jun 18, 2024  |  05:34 PM IST |  30.6K
New original anime Princession Orchestra PV unveiled
Princession Orchestra (PC: SILVER LINK Studios, ARIA, Entertainment, King Records, Takaro Tomy)

On Jun 14th, 2024, Friday a new anime television series called Princession Orchestra was announced. With a stunning visual and a short promotional video, we saw that this original series is set to come out next year. 

Even though no release date or time was confirmed other than the fact that the anime will come out sometime in 2025, it did announce some staff and cast details. Here is everything we know about the Princession Orchestra anime so far.

Production and staff details of Princession Orchestra

King Records, ARIA Entertainment, and Takaro Tomy have all joined hands together for the Princession Orchestra anime. Other than its 2025 release window, alongside a PV and visual, the announcement, which also included some important details about the anime. One such info is the fact that this original television anime franchise will also include music and toys alongside the series. Princession Orchestra is also said to be a series for both adults and children and it seems that the music and toys will be more targeted towards adults. 

UNISON, which is the new content production brand of King Records and ARIA Entertainment is credited with the original work with Akifumi Koneko as the original planner. The executive producer of the anime is Noriyasu Agematsu from Elements Garden with Shin Onuma directing it under SILVER LINK Studios. 

The scripts for the Princession Orchestra anime are being written by Manta Aisora. The characters for the animation are being designed by Yukiko Akiyama based on Mari Shimazaki's original designs. Elements Garden is responsible for the music production for the anime and any future projects from the franchise. 


Princession Orchestra plot and cast

The main plot of Princession Orchestra is set in a magical and mysterious country named Alicepia. The citizens of this country, who are known as Alicepions are really fun-loving people who enjoy their lives until they are attacked by Jamaocks, who are a type of monsters. The Jamaocks threaten the people of the country, which prompts the main storyline including the princesses, who are the focus of the anime. These princesses always remember the song of their hearts even when faced with danger and they are the only hope of saving the country of Alicepia. 

Other than the cast details, the announcement of Princession Orchestra also revealed the cast members who will voice the three princesses pictured in the teaser visual. Azusa Aoi will voice the blue-haired Princess Ripple/ Minamo Sorano, Yuri Fujimoto will voice the pink-haired Princess Zeal/ Kagari Sakibe, and lastly, Azusa Tachibana the green-haired Princess Meteor/ Kagase Ichijo. Even though we do not know many other details about the Princession Orchestra anime, hopefully we will get more updates about the franchise soon.


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