Where To Read Delicious In Dungeon Manga After Season 1 Anime Finale? Explored

The Delicious In Dungeon anime season 1 just ended and fans are already eager for more. Here is where and how you can read the manga after the season finale.

Published on Jun 15, 2024  |  09:43 PM IST |  58.4K
Delicious in Dungeon (PC: Netflix, studio TRIGGER, Ryōko Kui)
Delicious in Dungeon (PC: Netflix, studio TRIGGER, Ryōko Kui)

This article contains spoilers from Delicious in Dungeon anime

The first season of Delicious in Dungeon aired its final episode on June 13th, 2024. Even though a second season of the anime was immediately announced given the success of the first season, we do not yet know when it is going to come out. 

However, if you are eager to find out how the rest of the story progresses after what happened at the end of season 1, you can start reading Ryōko Kui’s original manga. Here is how and where you can read the Delicious in Dungeon manga. 

From where should you read Delicious in Dungeon manga after season 1?

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The first season of the Delicious in Dungeon anime covered until the 52nd chapter of the anime with the last episode 24 covering chapters 51 and 52. Chapter 52 is the last chapter of the story’s Sixth Floor Arc and the anime adapted the manga till the middle of volume 8. This means that if you want, you can start to read Ryōko Kui’s popular manga series from chapter 53 and you will not have missed anything. 

If you want to read the manga, you can do so by getting Volume 8 of Delicious in Dungeon from Amazon. You can also purchase digital copies of the manga from the Yen Press website, which has licensed the English translation of the manga.


Thankfully, the manga, which began serializing in February 2014, has already ended in September 2023. This means that you can read the whole manga one by one without any problem and do not have to wait for the story to be finished. 

What happened in Delicious in Dungeon season 1?

Season 1 of Delicious in Dungeon, which started on January 4, 2024, and ended on June 13, 2024, first began with showing us a man called Laios, who is determined to rescue his sister Falin from the dragon who swallowed her during their dungeon raid.

However, despite being saved by Falin, most of Laios’s groupmates did not want to go inside the dungeon again. Only a half-foot named Chilchuk and an elf named Marcille wanted to accompany him on his journey.

But the group soon faced scarcity of food and had to only survive on meager amounts of bland food to survive. However, in the dungeon, they met a dwarf named Shenshi who survived by cooking and eating the monsters in the dungeon.


Other than Laios, everyone was apprehensive about eating monsters but soon started to enjoy the food Shenshi cooked with so much love. Another member Izutsumi also joined their party. 

But even though they found Falin, they saw that she was already digested by the dragon. Marcille used her black magic to resurrect Laios’s sister but they soon found out that she could now turn into a dragon.

Now with the dungeon master Thistle After their group, Laios’s party has to go through these complicated dungeons in time to make sure that Falin does not turn into a true dragon with no way for her to come back. Even though the series ended on quite a cliffhanger, Studio TRIGGER will probably soon release the second season given the hype of the series. You can now watch all 24 episodes of Delicious in Dungeon on Netflix.

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