Answer some facts about IU and we will reveal which song you should stream from LILAC

Updated on Mar 24, 2021 07:43 PM IST  |  467.7K
LILAC is IU's fifth album
Answer some facts about IU and we will reveal which song you should stream from LILAC

IU is coming in 24 hours and we cannot keep calm! The 27-year-old golden voice songstress started her singing career in 2008 and is now considered one of the best solo artists in the K-Pop industry! She has produced many hits with her albums Palette and Modern Times. Her last full-length album was Palette released in 2017. Fans have been waiting long for the singer and actress' new album LILAC, is just what we needed, and with Kakao M and Spotify resolving their long-standing issues, we cannot wait to stream her new album.

IU released the dazzling track, Celebrity as part of her new album first. IU's LILAC tracklist is just as scintillating as the singer's honeyed voice! The upcoming album includes the title song Lilac, Flu, Coin, Spring Bye Spring, Celebrity, Turning Song featuring DEAN, Empty Cup, Child and My Ocean, Ah Puh, and Epilogue. To celebrate IU's upcoming release, we have come up with something special. We have curated a special game, 1 truth and 2 lies. You have to make a guess, which of the three statements is true and that will reveal which track from LILAC you should stream first. Sounds simple? Take the quiz then.

You can take the 1 truth and 2 lies quiz below:

Which song did you get? Share your test results with Pinkvilla in the comments below. Irrespective of your test results, stream all of LILAC's songs! IU will be releasing LILAC on March 25, 6 pm KST.

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