Answer some this or that questions and we'll reveal which 94 liner from BTS is your soulmate

Updated on Jul 13, 2021 07:18 AM IST  |  216.6K
BTS' RM and J-Hope in the middle of a performance (Pic credit - News1)

There are as opposite as it gets! One is the quiet and brooding member of the group, the other one is happy and chirpy. One is referred to as 'Moonchild', while the other is lovingly called the group's 'Sunshine'. They may be polar opposites, but BTS' RM and J-Hope are a force to reckon with!

ARMYs are aware of this dynamic duo's incredible friendship and how BTS' president RM and vice-president J-Hope, really hold the group together. Despite being same-age friends, the talented rappers took some time to become friends with one another. This was primarily due to their starkly different personalities. However, over time, they have become best friends. RM revealed that J-Hope helps him out with his leadership responsibilities, while J-Hope confessed that he respects RM for reaching out to him. The duo even shared that they would like to go on a solo trip together in the future.

But have you wondered which 94 liner member is your true soulmate? Is it the brooding and intense 'moonchild' RM or the bright and cheerful 'sunshine' J-Hope? Well, don't worry, we have you covered. Answer some this or that questions and we will reveal which 94 liner member is your soulmate! Sounds, fun? Take the quiz now!

Take the quiz below:

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