Answer some this or that questions and we'll reveal which BTS Hyung is your soulmate

Updated on Jul 28, 2021 09:58 AM IST  |  373.2K
BTS' Jin and Suga pose at Butter press conference (Pic credit - News1)

'Eternal Roommates' as they are lovingly called by ARMY,  BTS' Jin and Suga's friendship is for a lifetime! Jin and Suga are the two oldest members of BTS and invariably end up taking the responsibility for all the members. Do you know: Jin is only 3 months older than Suga, but Jin insists he call him Hyung, which Suga does, but with a tinge of aegyo - calling him 'Jin Hyungie'!

Jin and Suga may look very dissimilar, but they have more similarities than what meets the eye. Both of them are shy and introverted and enjoy peaceful activities like fishing and cooking. However, they also have an absolutely fun and chaotic side to them, most likely to goof around with the maknae members of the group! We love Jin and Suga for their immense talent, charismatic personalities and lovable aura. But, have you wondered which BTS Hyung is your soulmate? Is it Jin or Suga? Well, we have you covered. Answer a few tough questions and we will reveal which BTS Hyung member is your soulmate.

Take the quiz below:

Meanwhile, BBC Radio 1 officially announced that BTS would be making their 'Radio 1 Live Lounge' debut. The group will be appearing on the famous U.K. radio segment on July 27 at noon BST (4:30 PM IST). That's not all, following their appearance on 'Live Lounge,' the septet will also be starring in their first BBC One TV special on July 28! The special show is titled 'BTS @ Radio 1' and will be hosted by BBC's Adele Roberts for an exclusive interview. 'BTS @ Radio 1' will air on July 28 at 10:35 PM BST (3:05 AM IST).

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Anonymous : Suga, Mah King!! FUN FACT: My friends say my personality is 100 percent Yoongi
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Anonymous : Jin dear WWH!
REPLY 2 2 months ago
Anonymous : Srsly?? You like Seokjin??
REPLY 0 1 month ago