Answer some questions & we'll tell whether you should watch 'Now, We Are Breaking Up' or 'The Red Sleeve Cuff'

Updated on Nov 13, 2021 02:34 AM IST  |  296.4K
The official posters for 'Now We Are Breaking Up'
The official posters for 'Now We Are Breaking Up' (Pic credit - SBS Drama)

We love Fridays anyways and today is all the more special because we have two interesting and unique dramas premiering today! Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong starrer 'Now, We Are Breaking Up' and Lee Jun Ho (2PM's Junho) and Lee Se Young starrer 'The Red Sleeve Cuff'.

SBS' latest romance drama 'Now, We Are Breaking Up' showcases a realistic take on love and breakups set against the backdrop of the fashion industry. Song Hye Kyo will star as Ha Young Eun, a fashion designer who is a firm realist, while Jang Ki Yong will star as Yoon Jae Guk, an intelligent freelance photographer who changes her mind about love. Meanwhile, 'The Red Sleeve Cuff' tells the record of a royal court romance between the King of Joseon who believes his duty is to his country first above love, and a court lady who wants to protect the life she has chosen. 2PM's Lee Junho plays Yi San, eventually crowned as Joseon King Jeonjo is the perfectionist grandson of King Yeongjo. His father's death has left a deep emotional scar in his heart, as he constantly tries to be a benevolent king to his subjects. On the other hand, Lee Se Young will star as Seong Deok Im, who later becomes Royal Noble Consort Ui. A strong and fierce lady who wants to live the life of her choice, rather than being part of the king's tribe of women!

Want to know which K-drama to watch this weekend? Well, answer some random questions and we will reveal whether you should watch 'Now, We Are Breaking Up' or 'The Red Sleeve Cuff'? Sounds easy and fun? Take the quiz and now.

Take the quiz below:

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