Answer some weird questions and we’ll reveal which BTS member would be your prank partner!

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BTS Life Goes On concept photo. (Courtesy: BIGHIT Music)

BTS, the global superstars, the history-making artists, the firsts of many record-makes in the K-Pop industry. All of these are just one side of them. The other side of BTS is the pranks, the betrayals, the nonsensical conversations, the goof ups. When it comes to ARMY, they love each aspect of the septet. They can be sporting chic Gucci suits at throwing elegance at the red carpet and dance funnily while laughing loudly in the after-party VLive and their fans will love them equally! 


Now that their variety show Run BTS is back, we have created a quiz for you to see which BTS member would team up with you to prank others! Even though in an alternate universe, fans can dream about having some fun with their idols, right? That’s the only reason we have this quiz for you! So if you love pulling pranks (and even if you don’t), as long as you like BTS, this is an almost perfect way to end your day! 


What are you waiting for? Take the quiz now!



BTS recently released their second all-English song ‘Butter’ and it has achieved so many incredible feats, it would take us a whole other 2000 word feature to include everything. Maybe even more than that! They recently celebrated their eight debut anniversary called Muster: SOWOOZOO and showed ARMY pretty incredible performances! Currently, there are speculations that the group’s next release is titled ‘Permission to Dance’, which will mark their supposed comeback on July 9, 2021. 


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Which member did you get as your prank partner? Share your answers below!


Anonymous : I got chimmy
REPLY 0 3 days ago
Anonymous : My love my jungkook
REPLY 2 1 week ago
Anonymous : I got suga
REPLY 0 2 weeks ago
Anonymous : I got V
REPLY 0 2 weeks ago
REPLY 0 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : I got jungkook oppa
REPLY 1 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : Jungkook yay
REPLY 1 3 weeks ago
Anonymous : I got JEON JUNGKOOK my Ultimate bias ☺️
REPLY 1 1 month ago
Anonymous : I got tae my bae
REPLY 0 1 month ago
Anonymous : i got v
REPLY 0 1 month ago
Anonymous : I got V!!!!!
REPLY 0 1 month ago
Anonymous : I got WWH jin oppa
REPLY 3 1 month ago
Anonymous : Omg I got V the winter bear!!!!!
REPLY 0 1 month ago
Anonymous : I got kookie
REPLY 4 1 month ago
Anonymous : SUGA.....
REPLY 2 1 month ago
Anonymous : I got jungkook
REPLY 5 1 month ago
Anonymous : Me too
REPLY 1 1 month ago