ARMY shower love & appreciation upon BTS members on their 8th debut anniversary; Trend #TinyLoveLettersTo8TS

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BTS members strike a pose for Muster 2021 (Pic credit - HYBE)

"8 years ago, stars aligned and bought seven angels into our lives and changed it forever!" Well, you may wonder what is all the 'star' and 'angel' talk about! Well, the beautiful verse is dedicated to BTS aka Bangtan Sonyeondan. The immensely talented septet debuted on June 13, 2013, with their album, 2 Kool 4 Skool, accompanied by the lead single, No More Dream and changed the course of the music industry and our collective lives forever.  

Over the years, the group has risen to the ranks with their amazing wealth of talent, charisma, wholesome personalities and positively driven attitude! BTS represents the voice of the youth and their incredibly versatile discography is proof of that. Their music truly transcends boundaries, is healing, motivating and life-changing in every sense of the word. Over the years, BTS and their beloved fandom, ARMY have developed a bulletproof bond of love, trust and companionship amongst each other, a bond that is for life and eternity. 

On this special occasion of 2021 Festa, BTS' debut anniversary day, BTS dropped their Festa video where the members bared their hearts out, expressing their intense love for each other, their dreams, aspirations, performing for fans, their future and of course, their undeniable love for ARMY. Of course, ARMY repaid this love, ten folds, by trending #TinyLettersTo8TS on Twitter. Fans penned down heartfelt letters of love and tribute to the group, that means a lot to them! It is also important to note that the 'B' is replaced with '8' to denote 8 years with BTS. 

You can check out the Festa video below:

You can check out some fan letters below:

ARMY, BTS will be taking centre-stage at this year's special Muster celebrations. The theme for this year's Muster is 'SOWOOZO' which translates to Mikrokosmos, one of BTS' most iconic songs. BTS' Muster celebrations are a two-day event and will air today at 3 pm IST. We wish BTS members infinity years of sunshine, success and stardom!

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Anonymous : U r lovely
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Anonymous : These seven men mean the world to us. Wish them being together forever.
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