ARMYs celebrate #1YearWithSweetNight in honor of V with donations to aid acid attack survivors in India & more

BTS member V's OST for Itaewon Class turns 1 year old today and ARMYs worldwide are celebrating with generous donation drives towards meaningful causes.
The official poster for the OST of Itaewon Class, Sweet Night. ARMYs celebrate #1YearWithSweetNight in honor of V with donations to aid acid attack survivors in India & more
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It has been exactly one year since BTS member and musical prodigy Kim Taehyung, also known as V, released his OST for Itaewon Class, lead by his very own best friend Park Seo Joon. This OST was titled 'Sweet Night' and aptly so because there is nothing sweeter than V's honeyed vocals on a winter's night. ‘Sweet Night’ echoes the breathy, ethereal tone of Taehyung’s previous solo releases like ‘Scenery’ and ‘Singularity’ but is uniquely refreshing in the feeling it conveys. There is a strong sense of vulnerability, delicacy and almost fragility in this song which expresses perfectly the tangible fear of missing out, of losing a chance, of letting go of someone you must hold on to. The “fragile truth” has to be handled with care and one pair of hands can’t do that anymore. The determination is certain but the nervousness is just as real. No one other than V would have been able to appropriately intimate this soft truth with an airy elegance that is characteristic of V’s voice.

On the occasion of 'Sweet Night' and its one-year anniversary, fans trended the hashtag #1YearWithSweetNight and also highlighted all the generous donations and charity drives/projects that ARMYs led in celebration of the day. In Uruguay, fans donated to Aldeas Infantiles, an international, private, child support, non-profit, interfaith organization independent of any political orientation, dedicated to helping children and adolescents in vulnerable situations. Dubai Foundation for Women and Children and Women’s Aid Organization of Malaysia also received generous donations from ARMYs in the UAE and Malaysia respectively. Besides these, significant donations were also made towards aiding acid attack survivors in India

Several anniversary projects and virtual streaming parties have also been set up by fans which has led to the OST topping multiple music charts all over the world, once again. This, once again, goes to prove how ARMYs are a force to reckoned with and a force built completely of good. BTS and ARMY go hand in hand and together, they're making the world a better place. 

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What are you doing to celebrate #1YearWithSweetNight? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section down below! 

Anonymous 2 months ago

Thank you V for producing and writing such a beautiful song.