Ashish Chanchlani, Prajakta Koli, Dolly Singh & others come together for a comedy project; Deets Inside

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Ashish Chanchlani, Prajakta Koli, Dolly Singh & others come together for a comedy project; Deets Inside

While the viewership of OTT platforms has witnessed a significant rise during the pandemic, the digital platform has taken it as a responsibility to come up with some interesting content. Adding on to this, Amazon's miniTV has announced a comic content project which brings India’s most loved content creators - Ashish Chanchlani, Prajakta Koli, Amit Bhadana, Dolly Singh, Saloni Gaur and Be YouNick together to present their laugh out loud videos. Interesting, these renowned creators will be coming with sketches which will be relatable to daily life situations.

While the sole aim of this project is to entertain the audience, the content categories are carefully curated for wider appeal that cuts across gender and language barriers. While Dolly Singh’s humorous sketch will tell you about the 7 stages of getting over a break-up, Prajakta Koli will guide you on how to perfect the art of ‘middle class hacks’. On the other hand, Be YouNick will present a hilarious tale of getting over a breakup and more. To note, this project will have spoofs on relationships to an app that helps you rob better, each of the sketches will be aimed to tickle the funny bones of the viewers. Here is a sneak peek into the sketches:

Bhootmaarike Makeup Tutorials- Ashish Chanchlani

In his inimitable style, Ashish Chanchlani gives us a sneak peek into the world of a beauty and fashion influencer, who is a little ‘different’ from your usual vlogger!

How To Survive Month-End: A Guide by Saloni Grylls- Saloni Gaur

For all those people who find it hard to save money till the end of the month, Saloni Grylls, a survival expert is here to guide us on how to survive month-end with little to no money.

7 Stages of getting over a breakup by Dolly Singh- Dolly Singh

Dolly takes viewers through the way we all deal with heartbreak, in a way that we can all relate, with a humorous take on today’s relationships.

Middle Class Hacks- Prajakta Koli

Being cheap is an art! In this sketch, Mr and Mrs Koli give you a masterclass on cheapness.

Chor Pro App- Saloni Gaur

No one ever thinks of the poor thieves who have suffered at the hands of technology. We have designed an app to make life easier for them. An app that helps them rob efficiently and not get caught.

If relationships were corporate- Prajakta Koli

A sketch about being able to pick a partner like offices choose their employees!

The Salesman – Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana plays a street-smart Salesman in this hilarious sketch, with an overzealous boss, jealous colleagues and an ex-lover who won't leave him alone.

Break-up & friends- Be YouNick

As Nick goes through a terrible breakup, he reaches out to his friends, who have their own unique takes, philosophies and ideas about how to deal with it, ranging from the humorous to the outrageous.

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