ASTRO’s JinJin tests COVID 19 positive; Moonbin & Sanha take tests and self quarantine

Updated on Sep 20, 2021 10:25 AM IST  |  84.6K
JinJin at an event
JinJin at an event : courtesy of News1

Another positive case in the K-pop industry. On September 19, Fantagio announced the test results of ASTRO member JinJin. After feeling unwell, he had taken a PCR test which came back negative, repeating it another time 2 days later to receive a positive result. Fellow members Moonbin and Sanha are awaiting results.


Fantagio released a statement about the current condition of the ASTRO members in a notice on the group’s fan café. JinJin is said to have taken the test on 2 occasions, on September 16 and 18, when the latter one came positive. As for Moonbin and Sanha as well as the staff members that came in contact with JinJin, they will be taking tests and be in self-quarantine.


The notice reads,

“Hello, this is Fantagio.

On September 16, ASTRO’s JinJin was not feeling well and went to get a PCR test for COVID-19 just in case. At the time, he received a negative test result.

On September 18, he felt abnormal symptoms once again and went to get another PCR COVID-19 test. On September 19, it was confirmed that he had tested positive.

At the moment, JinJin has entered self-quarantine as per the orders of the disease control authorities and is waiting for guidance about further necessary measures.

ASTRO members Moonbin, Sanha, who crossed paths with JinJin, and all the staff members are being tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting their results. All scheduled events have been cancelled and everyone will enter voluntary self-quarantine.

We apologize for causing such concern to many people. In future, the agency will continue to prioritize the artists and staff members’ health and do our best for our artist’s quick recovery.”


You can read Fantagio's notice in the tweet below.



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