ATEEZ and Kim Jong Kook add a jazzy twist to the summery track from ‘Season Songs’

Published on Aug 16, 2021 05:49 PM IST  |  158.5K
ATEEZ poster; Picture Courtesy: KQ Entertainment

ATEEZ and Kim Jong Kook dropped their latest collaborative album ‘Season Songs’ as well as the MV for the title track ‘Do you want to go to the sea?’ and it is definitely a summer number. They owned the bright and cheery concept and brought an amazing retro pop sound with a jazzy twist using the saxophone as well as electro synth sounds. Pretty drinks, light coloured outfits, luscious green grass and happy smiles- the MV was a delight to watch!

This 'Season Songs' is an album that brings together the legendary ‘1st Gen’ vocalist Kim Jong-kook, who has been loved by many for a long time, and ATEEZ, the 4th Gen global K-pop artists, to shine a light on the solidarity amongst seniors and juniors, as well as the excitement of the summer and the sea that all generations can relate to. It contains a total of three songs, including the title song 'Want to Go to the Sea?', 'White Love' and 'Black Cat Nero'. 

ATEEZ’s modern rap and dance paired with Kim Jong Kook’s strong visuals and light vocals create a beautiful harmony of some sorts. ATEEZ had previously worked with Jong Kook on the insanely famous cover of ‘Black Cat Nero’ by Turbo (Jong Kook’s group). The visuals were a complete 180 from the current MV- dark, dreary and bold. Hongjoong and Mingi’s possessed rap and Jongho’s continuous high note that just rippled from his soul definitely left to be remembered. 

Kim Jong Kook and ATEEZ's collaboration album 'Season Songs', which is attracting global fans' attention as the highly addictive melody is expected only with the teasing content, was released on all music sites at 2:30 pm IST on August 16. 

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