ATEEZ members look stunning in teaser photos for ‘ZERO: FEVER Part.3’

Updated on Sep 11, 2021 01:43 PM IST  |  295.4K
ATEEZ Concept photo: Courtesy of KQ Entertainment
ATEEZ Concept photo: Courtesy of KQ Entertainment

ATEEZ has been teasing fans with new teaser images for their comeback on September 13 at 6 PM KST (2:30 PM IST) and fans can definitely not have enough! The boys first revealed their comeback on August 22 at midnight KST with an intriguing photo of a broken hourglass. Ever since then, the boys have been releasing ‘Eternal Sunshine’ and ‘Deja Vu’ concept photos for the group as well as the members individually.


On August 28 KST ATEEZ released ‘Eternal Sunshine’ concept photos for San and Mingi. 


Mingi looked adorable as he sat in a refreshing set looking at the camera with a side gaze, wearing a hat and yellow sweater.


San decided to join team blue with his dark blue hair and light blue contact lenses. The ATEEZ member looked handsome with his loose clothing, denim jeans and a small scarf.


The group also revealed ‘Deja Vu’ concept photos for members Yeosang and Yunho, which have a completely contradictory aura to that of the ‘Eternal Sunshine’ concept photos.


Yeosang looked both handsome and intimidating while posing for the dark concept photos. He pierced through the camera with his strong gaze.


Yunho too looked absolutely stunning while posing with long black and red hair, wearing black gloves and dark clothing. The member flaunted his perfect jawline and impeccable charms in the concept photos.


Previously, ATEEZ revealed group concept photos for both the entire group and individual photos for some of the members. It will be interesting to witness what ATEEZ brings to the table with their upcoming album.


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