ATEEZ teases comeback with a cryptic image

Updated on Aug 23, 2021 08:00 AM IST  |  165.9K
ATEEZ concept photo : courtesy of KQ Entertainment

ATINY, are you ready? ‘Cause, we’re not and it seems to be here already.

We’re talking about another comeback from ATEEZ and they may have another masterpiece in store for us. On August 22, the official social media accounts of ATEEZ shared a mysterious image with the caption ‘OVER THE NEW WORLD’ along with the date ‘2021. 9. 13’ and time ‘6 PM’.


In the image, a broken hourglass with its shards scattered all around can be seen. ATEEZ’s block lettered logo in black is placed on one side, increasing the curiosity of the fans. The hourglass has been a significant object in the ATEEZ Universe and has always been featured in their well-developed concepts.


Another reason why the fandom is celebrating is that member Mingi who has been on a hiatus from November 2020 for taking care of his mental health will be making a return. This will be the group’s first OT8 comeback in about 13 months as Mingi did not take part in the promotions for their sixth EP ‘Zero: Fever Part.2’.


‘Zero: Fever Part.2’ was released on March 1, 2021, as the group’s sixth mini-album and received acclaim all around the world. Known for their refined concepts and interesting songs that have people dancing, all eyes are on ATEEZ as they continue their march in the music world.


The group recently released a special collaboration album with singer Kim Jong Kook on ‘Season Songs’ which consisted of the songs ‘Do you want to go to the sea?', 'White Love' and 'Black Cat Nero'. The group’s members, San, Jongho, and Yunho also featured on the a capella group Pentatonix’s single 'A Little Space'.


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