ATEEZ X BTS, NCT Dream X iKON & more: Here are some songs we’d like another group to perform!

We think it’s time to put our wishes out there too! Take a look at the covers we’d want the boy groups to perform!
ATEEZ performing a song from their TREASURE EP.Fin: All To Action in 2019 KPop group ATEEZ showcasing a powerful perfromance at a press conference in 2019. (Pic Credits: News1)
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For quite a few years, we’ve received incredible gems in the form of music from the K-Pop industry. And, It’s not always just music, it’s been music with breathtaking dance videos. Videos that have detailed, impeccable dance moves with an intense dance break thrown in towards the end. We’ve also received many videos such as a group’s choreography video, practice videos, BTS of music videos and much more, to know the extent of the group practicing for the moves. 


The levels of energy and stamina that a K-Pop group possesses can be hardly matched by any other group. The Korean entertainment industry is a big family and at the same time, is also each other’s cut-throat competitors. But, the fourth generation K-Pop groups are upping the levels set by previous groups, by producing the catchiest hits with the most incredible dances. We’ve reimagined K-Pop idols in different groups, in Bollywood movies, music videos reimagined as movies - we’ve crossed many oceans so far. Today, we’re going to share the songs by a particular group that we’d like another group to cover. You can even call it listing down our desires hoping that the groups do cover them someday.


Let’s start then, shall we?




Many have been witness to the immense power that ATEEZ’s performance stage holds. And that’s what makes us sure that they can definitely take on BTS’ ON. Drum beats, powerful dance break, Jungkook’s high notes - the song is an intense exercise in itself! ATEEZ have given us incredible performances since their debut in songs such as ‘Hala Hala’, ‘Say My Name’, and the recent ‘Fireworks’, that we’re sure their ON rendition would be great too!





NCT Dream’s performances and music have a more calming undertone, with multiple synchronized moments in their choreography that just feels like you could watch them do it for hours. iKON’s KILLING ME has an eerie aura to it with great choreography - something that we’d definitely like NCT Dream to cover!





The rookie group has recently released their first comeback album with the title song ‘Drunk-Dazed’ - a powerful pop song. We can’t help but think that they’ll look pretty amazing covering TXT’s PUMA too! PUMA also sounds like a rebellious track with detailed (and at times, difficult) choreography just like Drunk-Dazed. 



TREASURE - Stray Kids’ Back Door


It’s not easy for a rookie group to slay mushy-romance and powerful-seductive concepts easily. But TREASURE makes it look easy. Their recent song MMM has amazing choreography that the members pull off flawlessly. It’ll be incredible to see them cover Stray Kids’ Back Door - a song that can’t get any more pop-ier than it already is! 



The day they choose to perform, even just the chorus of the songs, it’ll be paradise for Korean culture enthusiasts!


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While these were just some of our suggestions, which song would you like a group to cover? Let us know in the comments below!

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