ATEEZ's label KQ Ent warns of legal action against those who spread malicious rumours about their artists

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ATEEZ's label KQ Ent warns of legal action against those who spread malicious rumours about their artists

'Malicious rumours' are the virus in a public personality's life, especially a K-Pop star's life. ATEEZ members are currently partaking in Mnet's Kingdom: Legendary War, blowing everyone's minds with their performances and having a good time with their colleagues. ATEEZ is also scoring well on the ranking meters, ranking in the top 3 based on online ranking and group votes. However, some haters and naysayers have been spreading malicious rumours about them and their fellow labelmates. 

Their label KG Entertainment released a detailed statement warning these haters of dire consequences if they don't stop spreading these malicious rumours. KQ Entertainment clarified they operate independently and only partner with international companies for work purpose only and are not under the influence of a specific company. They requested YouTube content creators to verify the information before recklessly sharing false information online. 

KQ Entertainment revealed that besides their and their artists' reputation being hurt, they are worried they these malicious rumours might psychologically affect fans who support artists managed by KQ Entertainment. They have requested the concerned YouTube content creators to rectify their mistakes and issue an apology to KQ Entertainment and their artists, if not then KQ Entertainment will take strong legal action against these naysayers. KQ Entertainment warned of legal consequences if corrective steps are not taken by these content creators and requested fans to send them evidence too.

KQ Entertainment also strived to protect their artists’ rights and reputation and do their best for their active promotions, growth, and development. KQ Entertainment houses ATEEZ, Block B, EDEN, and Maddox.

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