ATEEZ's San confirms he has a matching tattoo with Wooyoung; ATINYs get emotional

WooSan make ATINYs emotional with a tangible representation of their friendship.
ATEEZ members Wooyoung and San ATEEZ members Wooyoung and San, courtesy of KQ Entertainment
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At the start of last month, ATEEZ's Wooyoung moved fans when he appeared in shorts at the airport, giving a clear view of a new tattoo on his thigh. The tattoo wasn't just a random design, and ATINYs quickly recognized the reason he got it. The ink read “amicus ad aras” which most people may not immediately know the meaning of.

However, fans who know him, as well as his friendship with fellow member San, had no doubts about its significance. The Latin phrase translates to "friends until death" or "friend to the end". It is a phrase he has long shared with San as proof of the importance of their relationship.

Immediately, fans assumed that Wooyoung and San got matching tattoos, as it made sense given that the phrase was meaningful to both of them together. However, weeks went by without any confirmation from San, nither in photos nor messages, which left the ATINYs a little confused.

Finally, however, San spoke about the situation and confirmed that they have matching tattoos! On the messages sent to the Universe app, when the subject was brought up, this is what the ATEEZ member had to say - "Tattoo with Wooyoung? I don't regret it of course. I can't find a friend like that anywhere. (We) Usually bicker too. He is a very precious friend."

Both ATEEZ members had the tattoo placed on their right thighs, although San has yet to show his publicly. He also commented on the process of getting the tattoo, saying it was painful to get, but that he was able to take it even though Wooyoung was loud and held his hand and squeezed a soft toy while getting his own!

Wooyoung and San, nicknamed WooSan by many fans, have had a very obvious friendship with each other since ATEEZ's debut. Even though they have only known each other for a few years before the debut of the group in 2018, it is clear that the bond they share seems to be that of soul mates. San even said a few years ago that he would donate his kidney to Wooyoung if he needed it!

We can all hope to one day have such a deep and meaningful friendship as theirs. Hopefully soon, as the weather warms, we'll see Wooyoung and San's precious tattoos together.

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