Attacca: SEVENTEEN pens a beautiful ode to adulthood, heartbreaks and life with the 7 tracks

Published on Oct 24, 2021 02:44 PM IST  |  177.7K
SEVENTEEN Concept Photo
SEVENTEEN Concept Photo; Picture Courtesy: Pledis Entertainment

SEVENTEEN has been crafting music since 2015 and have done an absolutely smashing job at adopting a new concept as they grow. From youthful to mature, pop to rock- they have done it all. While their recent songs have been great but nothing at the level of what they’re known for, the ‘Attacca’ album has brought them back to the musical level they were in before. Let’s get to all the tracks in the album:- 

To You:- 

This synth pop track opens the album super well. It has a really cool sound and really fits with the sound they’ve been working on since ‘An Ode’. The song has a modern rock sound to it with the fast paced electric guitar instrumental. The lyrics talk about the person who always understands and stands by their side. The  positive and upbeat love song is the perfect song to begin the album. 

Rock with You:- 

An upbeat rock instrumental for the title track is the best option as it adds gravitas to the album. The sweet love song that focuses on wanting to be around for the good times. DK’s and S.Coup’s bridge was the added bonus/flair to the song. The easy lyrics, great instrumentation and beautiful message built a youthful yet mature contract. 


It's a completely funky EDM/R&B song with poppy beats and mid 2000’s dance music. A confession song with dance-like instrumental was an amazing way to move on from rock to funk. DK’s voice stands out in the track as well and the sweet pre-chorus is a complete bonus! 

PANG! (Performance Unit):- 

The opening of ‘PANG!’ is insane. This is a track by the Performance team. The transition between ‘Crush’ and ‘PANG!’ is shocking, but it definitely grabs your attention. A playful song with meaningful lyrics, which talks about being ready for any kind of success as it causes anxiety within them. The simple and impactful chorus creates a performance unit track. 

Imperfect Love (Vocal Unit):- 

This mid-tempo track displays their wonderful vocals and has some rock inspirations. The mid 2000s rock ballad with the lyrics that talks about love being perfect and the need to become as pure as the concept of love. 

I can’t run away (Hip Hop Unit):- 

The Hip-Hop team is back with the track ‘I can’t run away’. Definitely check out the lyrics, because they’re beautiful. This is a rather heartbreaking single. The slow rap that adds a twinge of sadness gives it a more ballad feel than hip-hop. This track goes from love to heartbreak and describes the vivid memories that they cannot forget. They call the break up a ‘beautiful pain’. The deep voices add emotions and the outro continues that feeling. 

2 minus 1 (English Single):- 

Lastly we get the Digital bonus track ‘2 MINUS 1’ which is performed by Joshua and Vernon. This is a pop punk mix and it gives the vibe of 2000s emo punk pop songs like Avril Lavigne, Paramore, etc. It takes a break up song and makes it fun. Vernon’s deep voice creates a beautiful contrast with Joshua’s high pitched vocals. The outro moves from ‘I don’t need you anymore’ to ‘I need you’. 

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