Bad and Crazy Ep 1 and 2 REVIEW: Lee Dong Wook & Wi Ha Joon up the fun & 'crazy' quotient in premiere telecast

The first-weekend review of 'Bad and Crazy' is here. Read more below.

Updated on Dec 20, 2021 10:02 PM IST  |  2.8M
The official poster for 'Bad and Crazy'
The official poster for 'Bad and Crazy' (Pic credit - tvN drama)
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Wi Ha Joon and Lee Dong Wook's 'Bad and Crazy' premiered last weekend amidst much fanfare and undeniably so. This was Wi Ha Joon's first drama since the international success of Netflix's 'Squid Game' and Lee Dong Wook's first since 'The Tale of the Nine Tailed'. The stakes were high and we are happy to report that the team of 'Bad and Crazy' delivered knockout two episodes.

Directed by Yoo Sun Bong and written by Kim Sae Bom, who worked together on the hit OCN drama 'The Uncanny Counter,' 'Bad and Crazy' is a new redemption drama about the events that unfold when two unlikely heroes come together. Lee Dong Wook essays the role of the 'bad guy' Ryu Soo Yeol, while Wi Ha Joon stars as the 'crazy guy' K, who is exceedingly passionate about justice. 

In the first episode, Ryu Soo Yeol accepts the task of helping Congressman Do Yoo Gon (Lim Ki Hong) and cousin of Do In Beom (Lee Sang Hong), a police officer, clean their mess to win the election, so that he gets the promotion as promised. However a crazy 'helmet' guy beats him up in a sauna, but nobody believes a word he says. 

On the other hand, Oh Gyung Tae (VIXX's N) is a kind and innocent police officer who made a promise to the child to help her and find her missing mother, however, when he discovers blood during the investigation, Do In Beom beats him black and blue to shut him up. He also gets Oh Gyung Tae wrongly accused of harassment. However, Ryu Soo Yeol helps him clear his name from the police. 

Ryu Soo Yeol dreams again of the same helmet guy, who keeps on dragging him anywhere. During this time Oh Gyung Tae is found in a critical situation after discovering evidence that will prove the real culprit behind Jeong Yu Na's case, the helmet guy appeared again in front of Ryu Soo Yeol to alert him that Oh Gyung Tae was in danger. Together, they save Oh Gyung Tae from the burning apartment and turns out the crazy 'helmet' guy is none other than Wi Ha Joon!

In episode 2, Ryu Soo Yeol is determined to help out Oh Gyung Tae but his thoughts are troubling him. He tells his psychiatrist about the weird dreams he gets about this crazy 'helmet' guy and how he beats him up every time. The psychiatrist is baffled by his claims and just gives him medicine for treatment. 

He gets on to investigating the case Oh Gyung Tae was working on and discovers the victim's ashes and also officer Do In Beom had visited Oh Gyung Tae as well and is involved in this matter. He continues with his investigation and even receives the promotion he always wanted but now, his heart lies in the case and getting Oh Gyung Tae justice. 

However, Wi Ha Joon appears yet again to drill some sense in Ryu Yoo Seol's head and leads him to another important clue in the case. He finally discovers that the crazy helmet guy is actually is his alter ego and never existed in real life! Pretty good and crazy, we must say.

Our Verdict -

The drama starts off pretty well! Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Joon essay their roles really well. This isn't the first time Lee Dong Wook has done a two-hero drama and shows off his versatility in a tough role. Wi Ha Joon, shines in an unusual and different role and does an amazing job. VIXX's N is wonderful in his role, your heart goes out to him and his pursuit for justice. The plot twist is really cool and innovative and takes the concept of police, justice and vigilante and turns it on its head really well! The drama is wacky and crazy on the outside, but has a heartfelt underlying message in it. Highly recommended for anyone who is a fan of the two cops bromance concept with a gripping storyline and a high-rated star cast.

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