On BamBam day, we’re revisiting the times he showed us his fun, flirtatious and savage sides!

Today, May 2 marks the birthday of Double B, the precious BamBam of the group GOT7! Take a trip down memory lane with us.
GOT7 BamBam at their album's press conference in 2018 GOT7 BamBam at their album's press conference in 2018
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On May 2, 1997, the doors of the world opened to let Kunpimook Bhuwakul be born in Thailand. 24 years later, he’s now everyone’s precious BamBam, also known as Double B. He’s a Thai singer, rapper who debuted with the group GOT7 in 2014. During his pre debut days, he was a part of the dance group that BLACKPINK’s Lisa was a part of too - We Zaa Cool. 


Today, BamBam is one of the most cherished members of GOT7 - from his charming looks, to his fun personality and even roasting other members on public television, every and anything that BamBam does is super adorable for Ahgases! As the cute and handsome Double B celebrates his birthday today, we thought why not reminisce the times he had us laughing out loud? Double B always has a way with words - whether it’s making fun of the members or the fans! No wonder he has taken an active part in writing multiple GOT7 albums since 2015. 


His no-filter attitude (apart from many other things) is what fans love the most and find iconic too. So, let’s take a look at the savage and flirtatious moments BamBam has blessed us with!


1. Deleting pictures of JYP from his SNS


After GOT7 left JYP Entertainment in January 2021, BamBam went on an unfollowing spree and deleted all of the photos that he had posted with the CEO of JYP, Park Jin Young! He had even posted a tweet back in 2015 of an edited Park Jin Young with two GOT7 lightsticks in hand, captioning - JYP is the best! It was a hilarious affair for fans!


2. Acknowledging the deleting spree with a GIF


Fans are quick to notice the social media details such as who unfollowed who, who commented on who’s posts and more. So it wasn’t a surprise that news of this spread like wildfire. A fan then noticed that even JYP unfollowed BamBam, along with other members and tweeted this little piece of information, without even mentioning GOT7 or members. Somehow, BamBam found the tweet and replied to it with a shrugging GIF! 


3. BamBam doesn’t shy away from flirting with fans!


While many idols don’t really say that they would rather be someone’s husband than boyfriend, BamBam is a whole different game. It’s like he knows what will make the fans go crazy and does exactly that! First, it’s replying to a tweet. Second, is (harmless) flirting. On Jan 12, BamBam posted a cute photo of his with the caption “ALittle Fantalk before I sleep”. An Ahgase then commented, “OMG BAM! You look a lot like my next boyfriend”. Most people would generally not reply. But not BamBam. He replied “boyfriend!!????? thats NONO.. husband”. After this, the Twitterati changed her username to Bam’s wife Meme! Which is totally understandable, because we would too!




Check out his more adorable replies from his fantalks segment here:






4. Roasting his group members looks like his favourite past time


BamBam loves being extra and savage - especially towards his members. He has been roasting the members on national television and live broadcasts since a very long time so all fans already know that that’s just now a personality trait of his! One of the most iconic ones was when the group was doing a livestream for their repackaged album Present: You & Me. He kept teasing other members continuously and when it came time for him to sign off, he switched to Thai, since he knew no other member would understand what he was saying! While it might have been something nice, it wasn’t! He basically said, “I don't know what's up with the people beside me but I can say whatever I want because they don't understand what I'm saying anyway, it's okay!” 


So this was our little tribute celebrating the cool Double B! 


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Which are some of his iconic moments that you love? Share them with us in the comments below and don’t forget to wish BamBam too!

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