BamBam talks about showing ‘real image’, getting more recognition in Korea & more with Allure magazine

Updated on May 26, 2021 10:30 AM IST  |  267.3K
BamBam at 26th High1 Seoul Music Awards
GOT7's member BamBam at the 26th High1 Seoul Music Awards in 2017. (Pic Credits: News1)

BamBam is gearing up for a solo comeback and has released two concept posters till now. Fans are of course getting pretty excited as it’s his first release after leaving JYP Entertainment and first-ever solo mini-album! The album is titled ‘riBBon’ and is expected to be something quite different from what we’ve seen BamBam doing all these years. Before the album’s release, we have his interview with Allure Magazine where he shared many things with us! 


In the summer pictorial interview, he shared how his birthday ‘disappeared’ in a hilarious incident. He had to travel somewhere and he got on the plane on May 1, but when he landed, it was already May 3. He laughed and said, “My birthday just disappeared!”. The interviewer then asked the Thai rapper about his life in Korea and Thailand, and how it has been like for him, as he has spent half of his life in both the countries. He then said, “It’s not that special. Now that I think about it, I think I am more used to Korea than Thailand. You know the stuff that is essential to living daily such as directions and delivery apps? Well, when I go to Thailand, I’m not sure about them. The roads seem different and I often forget how to get on the subway.” 


He was then asked about whether he feels any difference in the way he is treated in both the countries, and he says he does, because of his position. When asked to clarify, he got all shy and didn’t speak much. So the interviewer tried to make it easy for him and asked, “When you visited Thailand just before the pandemic, your face was on multiple billboards from the airport to the city. Is this what you meant?” The rapper then agreed with it but also explained that he can walk around in Korea comfortably. But back in Thailand, he isn’t able to do anything. He shared that he can’t even leave the hotel because fans surround it, also mentioning that it does cause him a lot of stress as he isn’t able to go back home too.


When the interviewer asked him if it was because he thinks he hasn’t succeeded in Korea, he shared that he believes he hasn’t yet received recognition in the country, even though he started from Korea itself. He then went on to explain that he’s sure he has secured spots in Thailand and on international levels, but not when it comes to Korea. His goal now is to receive recognition in the country he started in and wants to focus his promotions in Korea mostly, for a while.


BamBam is not just a rapper and a singer, but he also forays into producing and writing lyrics too. When the interviewer talked about the first song he co-produced and wrote lyrics for, ‘Remember You’, and the songs since then having a certain similarity, they also asked him if that constitutes ‘BamBam music’. He answered with a yes, but was also quick to point out that what he’s working on now is going to be completely different with a new image. He also said that that will be ‘The real BamBam image.’


Check out his pictorial images below: 


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