Bangtan Bomb: BTS' Jin takes sweet revenge against Jungkook after JK scribbles on his phone; Watch Video

In a new Bangtan Bomb video released today, BTS members Jin and Jungkook were seen messing with each other while Suga was busy trying JK's cologne.
Bangtan Bomb: BTS' Jin takes sweet revenge against Jungkook after JK scribbles on his phone; Watch Video
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A new Bangtan Bomb dropped today and it has left fans in splits. The video puts Jin and Jungkook in focus while we get a glimpse of RM, Jimin and J-Hope. The video begins with Jin trying his hand on his new phone. The singer is seen holding a marker in his hand while he stars at his new phone. Seokjin asked his team if there was a case for the phone as he attempted to pen his name on the device. 

While he tried to write on the device, the name wasn't drying easily. After a little struggle, the singer decided to wipe off the pen mark and instead wrote his name on the phone case. The singer was successful with it. However, Jungkook gets his hands on the device and changes the name Jin to Jan and left Seokjin screaming. Soon enough, the Moon crooner grabbed Jungkook's toiletry bag and scribbled "I'm JK" on it. Looking at the bag, Kookie couldn't hide his adorable smile and announced the name penned on the bag. 

While Jin and Jungkook were busy with their goofing around, Suga was busy trying on JK's perfume. Watch the whole video below: 

BTS recently attended the Golden Disc Awards. The septet was seen accepting awards and delivering stellar performances on the stage. While fans gushed about the group's victories and acts, it has been revealed that during the awards show, Jin crossed paths with South Korean actor Kim Nam Gil. Here's how their run-in went: BTS singer Jin meets his acting idol Kim Nam Gil at 2021 Golden Disc Awards; Here's what he told Seokjin

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Anonymous 1 week ago

Jin is so cute he he he

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I love their b romance

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Jin and Jungkook together never fail to make each other smile as well us army . Btw Jin was looking so hot in those outfits and hair .