BANGTAN BOMB: BTS members bicker over getting the spotlight and THIS member eventually wins

All the Bangtan members want the spotlight but only one won in the end. Read on to find out who won.
BTS Taehyung at the 2020 Fact Music Awards BTS Taehyung at the 2020 Fact Music Awards (Pic credit - News1)
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Watching Bangtan members showcase smooth and charismatic performances, one cannot imagine that they are basically an adorable bunch of goofballs in the guise of world-class talented artists, and we are grateful that we get to watch all the behind the scenes fun through their Bangtan Bomb videos! In the recent video, Bangtan members are seen bickering over getting the spotlight, but this member eventually triumphs over the others. Read on to find out.

The members are shooting at the famous Geyongbokung Palace, where they are filming IDOL as part of their week-long BTS Special show on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Jin greets us first, joined by J-Hope and Jungkook in the background. J-Hope and Jungkook take over the mic from Jin and begin their MCing. Of course, Jinkook are seen squabbling in the background as always! RM makes a brief, animated appearance and leaves the JinHopeKook trio to their tomfoolery.

Meanwhile, Taehyung is doing a spectacular job of taking ARMY through the Geyongbokung Palace. His handsome visuals complement his excellent skills as an orator. Taehyung tells us that the group will be shooting IDOL and Mikrokosmos at the Gyeongbokung Palace. Tae, of course, wins the spotlight round!

You can watch the video below:

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Anonymous 1 month ago

Taehyung did a good job of introducing their dances at the palace.

Anonymous 1 month ago

Taehyung did a good job introducing what they plan to do at the palace.