Bangtan Bomb: BTS members' show off their artistic skills whilst decorating their respective BE photocards

In the latest Bangtan Bomb, we see the BTS members make teams of two as they unleash their creative side to decorate their BE photocards; Feat a special SOPE moment.
Bangtan Bomb: BTS members' show off their artistic skills whilst decorating their respective BE photocards
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ARMY will admit that BTS content is always fun and enjoyable. On Sunday, February 21, BTS dropped a Bangtan Bomb of them decorating their BE photo cards. The members made teams of two, as they spent a relaxing time together decorating their BE photocards with glitter and stickers. Suga, who was recovering from his surgery then, filmed his part all by himself.

The first two members are Namjoon and J-Hope. The 94-liners sincerely decorate their BE photocards, with Namjoon lamenting about the fact that he isn't particularly talented in the arts. Hobi, being a good friend encourages him to do his best, as Disease plays in the background. The next two members are the chaotic duo Jinmin! Jinmin bicker a lot, as they decorated their respective photocards with glitter and stickers. The sound of Fly To My Room quietly fills the background as Jin and Jimin squabble in jest, trying to explain their respective concepts. Taehyung and Jungkook appear next on our screen, as the lively sound of Dynamite fills up the room. Taekook flaunt their creative side, decorating their respective photocards and indulging in some fun banter. The last member to appear on screen is Suga, who filmed his part in isolation, owing to his shoulder surgery. Suga decorates his photocards while explaining his unique concept. When asked who would he like to give his photocard to, he adorably chooses to give it to J Hope. "I want him to put this in his wallet and carry around," Suga shares. The Bangtan Bomb ends with Hobi posing with Suga's photocard, while the others' photocards are displayed on the side.

You can check out the Bangtan Bomb below:

BTS is scheduled to take centre-stage on MTV Unplugged, where they will be performing rare renditions of their discography. BTS's special performance for MTV Unplugged will release on February 24 at 7 am IST.

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