B.A.P’s former member Moon Jongup to make a comeback with first mini album US

Published on Jun 24, 2021 11:52 AM IST  |  212.7K
Moon Jongup | Photo Courtesy: News1

Former member of B.A.P, Moon Jongup, will be making a comeback with his first mini album called ‘US’. Jongup dropped a soft yet charismatic and alluring teaser photo where he nonchalantly poses behind flowers that have been unfocused on. Recently, he even conducted a fan meeting which was both online as well as offline with all proper measures taken. This will be his second music work as a soloist after the debut single album called ‘Headache’ that was released in May 2020. 


Moon Jongup, who is also known as Jongup, is a singer and actor who debuted with the boy band B.A.P in 2012 under TS Entertainment. B.A.P is the acronym for Best Absolute Perfect. The group was active from 2012 to 2019 after which the members left TS Entertainment upon the end of their contracts. Jongup took a break from music for six months after leaving the group and the agency. In that time, he acted in an encore show of ‘The Lost Village’ which was a theater production. He played the role of the younger version of Donghyuk. Jongup even participated in the show ‘Signhere’ to join Jay Park’s label AOMG but Jongup got eliminated in the second round. The singer joined The Groove Company after signing an exclusive contract with them. After this, he began his journey as a solo artist.


Jongup’s first mini album ‘US’ will be released on 8th July, 2021. Fans are eager as they have waited for his comeback for a long time.


Check out the teaser poster for Jongup's 'US' here:


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Anonymous : I am beyond excited!! I became a fan two months after Headache and I have been waiting months for new music from Jongup. Can`t wait for the album! :)
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