BELIFT LAB confirms that ENHYPEN is gearing up for a comeback in April

The rookie boy group that’s already breaking charts, will be making a comeback in April 2021.
ENHYPEN group members taking a mirror selfie; announced comeback in April 2021 BELIFT LAB confirms that ENHYPEN is gearing up for a comeback in April
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ENGENES, time to make comeback goals! The 7-member rookie boy group ENHYPEN released their debut album just five months ago, on November 30. Working tirelessly and hard, day in and out, BELIFT LAB confirmed that they’re preparing for a comeback in April. This news comes after their history-making move of being the first international artist on Japan’s popular late-night radio show, All Night Nippon X, without even making a debut in that country yet.


According to Newsen, BELFIT LAB announced on March 25 that “ENHYPEN is preparing for a comeback at the end of April”. This will be the global rookies second album after their first EP was released in November, only a few months after the survival reality show I-Land got over and made them into a group. Their album BORDER: DAY ONE crossed 300,000 pre-orders in just three weeks after the pre-orders opened. 


They group also debuted No. 1 on the Japanese Oricon Daily Chart and iTunes Top Album Chart. They even received multiple rookie and new artist awards at major award shows - owing to their popularity and fanbase even before their debut on MNet and BigHit survival reality show - I-Land. Out of the 23 participants, the top seven members were going to be made into a K-Pop group and debut. Jungwon, Jay, Jake, Ni-ki, Heeseung, Sunghoon, and Sunoo were then finally selected and debuted as ENHYPEN with their title track Given Taken.


It’s worth noting that because of I-Land, the group had some amount of an upper hand and did end up winning awards due to their potential and hard-working journey showcased throughout the show. 


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ENGENEs, how excited are you? Let us know by commenting your favourite ENHYPEN song below!

Anonymous 3 months ago

I love all the songs but Flicker sticks in my mind the most. Can't wait for the comeback

Anonymous 3 months ago

Samee... but they didn't perform again since their debut show