Best of Park Hae Soo: Squid Game, Money Heist Korea and more

As we celebrate the talented actor’s birthday, let’s take a look at some of the best drama and film roles taken on by Park Hae Soo. Read ahead to know more.

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Park Hae Soo

Park Hae Soo is a South Korean actor. He is known for his starring roles in the television series Prison Playbook (2017–2018), Squid Game (2021), and Money Heist: Korea (2022). He has also appeared in films such as By Quantum Physics: A Nightlife Venture (2019), Time to Hunt (2020), and Yaksha: Ruthless Operations (2022). Park Hae Soo made his musical theater debut in 2007 with Mister Lobby. He also appeared in other musicals such as Angel Called Desire and Annapurna. In 2017, he impressed in his lead role in the drama series Prison Playbook which earned him Best New Actor at The Seoul Awards. In 2021, Park Hae Soo gained international fame after playing Cho Sang Woo in the South Korean television series, Squid Game. He received over 800,000 Instagram followers in a single day. Later that year, Park Hae Soo was cast as Berlin in the Korean remake of Spanish crime drama Money Heist. In July 2022, he signed with the U.S. talent agency UTA. In Korea, he is contracted with BH Entertainment. 

1. Prison Playbook 

It is a captivating series revolving around the lives of convicts behind bars, their families and duty officers working in the correctional facilities. It focuses on the story of a superstar baseball pitcher, Kim Je Hyuk who is convicted of assault after he saves his sister from a sexual assault. Kim Je Hyuk is a superstar baseball player who turns into a convict overnight after protecting his sister from an assault. Due to ultimately fatal injuries that the perpetrator suffers, he is sentenced to a year of jail time. Despite excelling in baseball, he is quite clumsy at everything else, which is a running gag throughout the show. Jung Kyung Ho as Lee Joon Ho, elite prison guard and Je Hyuk's best friend. He used to play baseball with Je Hyuk in high school but had to quit because of injuries sustained in a car accident. Other prisoners and guards believe that he is just an avid fan of Kim Je Hyuk.

2. Squid Game 

The series revolves around a contest where 456 players, all of whom are in deep financial hardship, risk their lives to play a series of deadly children's games for the chance to win a ₩45.6 billion (US$35 million, €33 million, or £29 million as of broadcast) prize. The title of the series draws from a similarly named Korean children's game. The director had conceived of the idea based on his own economic struggles early in life, as well as the class disparity in South Korea and capitalism. Seong Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae), a divorced father and indebted gambler who lives with his elderly mother, is invited to play a series of children's games for a chance at a large cash prize. Accepting the offer, he is taken to an unknown location where he finds himself among 455 other players who are all in deep financial trouble. The players are made to wear green tracksuits and are kept under watch at all times by masked guards in pink jumpsuits, with the games overseen by the Front Man, who wears a black mask and black uniform. The players soon discover that losing a game results in their death, with each death adding ₩100 million to the potential ₩45.6 billion grand prize. Gi Hun allies with other players, including his childhood friend Cho Sang Woo (Park Hae Soo) and North Korean defector Kang Sae Byeok, to try to survive the physical and psychological twists of the games. Cho Sang Woo is the former head of an investment team at a securities company. He was a junior classmate to Gi Hun, and studied at Seoul National University. He joins the game to escape the police, who want him for stealing money from his clients and racking up massive debts from bad investments.

3. Money Heist: Korea- Joint Economic Area 

The series, both a remake and spin-off/continuation of the Spanish TV drama, follows the storyline and characters of the original. The Professor (Yoo Ji Tae), a strategist criminal mastermind, plans to pull off a heist in the reunified Korean Peninsula inspired by those in Spain. The operation involves strategists and desperados with different characteristics and abilities, who have to face unusual situations. Thieves overtake the mint of a unified Korea. With hostages trapped inside, the police must stop them — as well as the shadowy mastermind behind it all. Park Hae Soo took on the role of Berlin, a 41-year-old North Korean former prisoner of the Kaechon concentration camp, where he served 25 years' detention from age nine as a result of attempted defection. He tends to resort to violence and tries to use fear to threaten the hostages, unlike the Professor's intention to not harm anyone.

4. Yaksha- Ruthless Operations 

After a botched attempt to prosecute Lee Chan Young, chairman of Sangin Group, Han Ji Hoon (Park Hae Soo), a prosecutor from the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office, is demoted to the legal support office of the NIS. Ji Hoon eagerly takes up an assignment declined by his superior and prosecutor Park and is sent by Director Yeom to inspect the NIS Shenyang branch, a highly classified black ops base involved with North Korean counter-intelligence. The Black Team is led by Ji Kang In and fronted as Samjin Travel Agency. After upsetting Kang-in by intervening in an operation, Kang In has Ji Hoon framed for prostitution and using illegal drugs to test his skills at improvising a response. Han Ji Hoon is a former prosecutor from the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office and inspector to the NIS Shenyang Branch. In contrast to Kang In, he believes justice should be upheld through law. At the end of the film, he returns to the Prosecution Office with a new perspective on justice.

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