B.I breaks YouTube Record for Most Viewed Kpop Male Soloist Debut MV in 24 hours

Published on Jun 04, 2021 03:13 PM IST  |  1M
B.I Press Photo
B.I Press Photo, courtesy of 131 Label

After weeks of thrilling teasers, on June 1, rapper, singer-songwriter, dancer, record producer and former leader of boy group iKON, B.I dropped his first full length album as a soloist. Released along with the highly anticipated solo debut album WATERFALL was the most awaited music video for its title track illa illa.

Fans didn't fail to hide how much they were waiting for the MV. Not long after its release, the track topped the iTunes Song Chart in 17 regions including Brazil, Thailand, and the Philippines. The reaction to the music video was no less hot. Comments from domestic and foreign fans were pouring in.

With so much activity going on, it certainly was deserving of the track's music video breaking a YouTube record. Within 22 hours the music video had surpassed 10 million views. illa illa has become the most viewed K-Pop male soloist debut music video in the first 24 Hours. It is also the fastest K-Pop male debut music video to reach this milestone.

B.I has said that illa illa is about hope. "I wrote the song wishing that it could provide comfort to those that listen to it. Everyone has their own struggles, whether it be with relationships, work, family or loneliness. As much as it can seem difficult at the time, there is a beach in the distance. It is important to remember that every chapter that closes just means that a new chapter is about to begin."

This especially rings true after the difficult times the world has gone through over the past year. We all need to be hopeful in the difficult times and look out for the light at the end of the tunnel.

B.I embarked on a solo journey in 2020 launching his own label 131Label under IOK Music. The mission is to globalise Korean music while still keeping its authenticity. After years of training, multiple Korean Survival shows and his debut on stage at just 13 years of age, B.I is proving that he is unstoppable, even on a solo stage. He also currently has 66 songs listed under his name with the Korea Music Copyright Association. We can't wait to see hat B.I has in store for us next!

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