The Big Day Collection 2 Episode 1 Review: Modern interracial weddings are a grand celebration of cultures

The Big Day collection 2 is a docu-series which is an amalgamation of real life stories of interracial couples who come together and embrace their differences along with celebrating the different culture and traditions.
The Big Day Collection 2 Episode 1 Review: Modern interracial weddings are a grand celebration of cultures
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Name of the series: The Big Day Collection 2

The Big Day Collection 2 Rating: 3/5

Marriages are always a big celebration not just for two people but two families, and in India, it no less than a festival that comes with a celebration of emotions, culture and a promise of forever. No wonder Indian weddings have a different charm across the world and The Big Day Collection 2 once again presents the big fat Indian weddings with all the intricacies. However, the second season comes with a different theme. This time, the series presented the stories of some interracial couples who had supreme faith in love and chose to come together and celebrate their culture together.

The first episode of The Big Day Collection 2 has stories of two couples – Irina and Dhruv & Nisha and Scott. So, we have two stories going on parallelly at the same time. While Dhruv and Irina met through common friends at a bar, they were in a long distance relationship before agreeing to tie the knot. Although Irina belongs to a Russian family, her parents did agree for a complete Hindu wedding in Jaipur. On the other hand, while Nisha is from a Hindu family settled in the US, Scott is a Christian and they had fallen in love during their law school and decided to tie the knot after dating for 7 years as per both Hindu and Christian traditions.

While the episode is all about how their families accepted their interracial relationship to the celebrations of different cultures and embracing the differences whole-heartedly, it also gave a glimpse of a big fat Indian wedding which is not just about dancing and good food. The Big Day season 2 is all about the celebration of cultures and traditions, the perfect destination wedding, some adrenaline rush, grand venues, stunning lehengas, the Indian ceremonies, embracing a new culture, emotions and of course the unconditional love.

But what caught our attention was the love between the two families who accepted each other as their own and how each one of them enjoyed every ceremony. Be it how Irina’s relatives were ecstatic about being lifted during the Milani ceremony or her mother getting teary eyed at her bridal entry to Scott enjoying the desi rituals and his mother getting all emotional as she welcomed Nisha into her family. This docu-series is an amalgamation of stories highlighting love that can go beyond borders. Besides, the makers have managed to perfectly capture the emotions of every person involved in both the weddings be it the anxiety of the bride and groom to having everything in place for their big day, to emotional moments of the bride’s parents as they see their little princess start a life of her own with her man. The series will make you feel connected and restore the faith in true and unconditional love. Although The Big Day collection 2 is about luxuries and grandeur, it will also take you down the memory lane to cherish your D-Day or plan your wedding day (in case you are yet to find your one and only).

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