Big Hit refutes charges of copyright leveled against BTS' ‘Butter’; Statement released

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Social media witnessed a storm of comments as charges were leveled against BTS' ‘Butter’ for using the same melody as Luca Debonair's ‘You Got me Down’. These charges raised anxiety about ‘Butter’, a song that has so far broken barriers and performed exceedingly well on charts across the globe, holding the first position on Billboard Hot100 for 7 weeks until the baton was passed to Permission to Dance.


Luca Debonair took to his social media platforms to inform the listeners that he had bought the topline for his song from Sebastian Garcia in 2019. Garcia has been credited for composing  BTS' ‘Butter’ as well. This piece of information raised doubts about the topline's authenticity as Garcia could have used the same topline for two different songs, leading to copyright issues.


However,  BTS' music agency, Big Hit Music put the accusations to rest by releasing an official statement about the veracity of BTS' ‘Butter’, asserting that: “It has been confirmed that there

are no copyright issues regarding ‘Butter.’ It is a song that was finalized and released after undergoing a process of confirming with all songwriters that there are no issues with the song, and there are also no issues currently regarding the song’s rights. However, we are aware of the claim that there is an issue regarding copyrights, but even if that is the case, the musical rights still belong to ‘Butter’.’


Therefore,  ARMYs can heave a sigh of relief and put the rumors to rest while they continue streaming ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission to Dance’ by their favourite idols.


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