BigHit's What Do You Believe In video features Giant Jungkook, Huening Kai’s pineapple pizza & more

Big Hit has dropped a campaign film featuring the artists under the agency, concepts range from handling anxiety to wanting a pineapple pizza! Read on to know more.

Published on Mar 18, 2021 12:34 PM IST  |  1M
A still of BTS' V holding a 'I Believe In Connection' slate from Big Hit's What Do You Believe In video
BigHit's What Do You Believe In video features Giant Jungkook, Huening Kai’s pineapple pizza & more
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Every small or big move that Big Hit makes never goes unnoticed. So when the news broke out that Big Hit Entertainment Co Ltd is changing its name to HYBE, a great campaign with all the groups under it was predictable. But Big Hit dropped a 6-minute campaign film today that was anything but predictable.


The campaign film focuses on ach group under or with Big Hit Entertainment. The feature order starts from ENHYPEN, SEVENTEEN, GFRIEND, NUEST, TXT and last but definitely not the least, BTS. Each group represents one keyword of what that group believes in and a short film around it. The video starts with ENHYPEN, showing off their teamwork in a photoshopped, ever-transforming world, which later is revealed to be them playing a group game, with #IBelieveInTeamwork. Next up is SEVENTEEN’s #IBelieveInSettingGoals presented with an internal monologue of someone going through a hard time, but looking at the other members and their hard work, decided to get back up and set goals. 


GFRIEND, the only girl group under Big Hit (for now) is next where each member is doing a form of exercise in a futuristic world set-up. Their #IBelieveInMyself pops up, as to show how individual well-being and beliefs also matter. A bit similar to SEVENTEEN’s anxiety concept, NU’EST’s #IBeliveInSmile opens up as a Western show office set-up - names of the members as cast appear and laughing tracks as background music. They all try to cheer Minhyun with a smile - smiley post-its, smiley printouts, covering the desk with smiley post-its and a smiley cake. 


Next, are two groups that have surprised fans and took over Twitter trends in less than an hour. Away from all the major topics, TXT’s film is the most comical, starting with maknae Huening Kai and his love for pineapple pizza! #IBelieveInPineapplePizza is trending on Twitter as fans get over the surprised look in Heuningkai’s eyes when he sees ‘Sorry! Out of Pineapple’ at a pizza store. Only to wake up and see the group’s have a large pineapple pizza. A bolt out of the blue, this remains the most fun concept in the whole series! 


Lastly, BTS! We’ve got so many things, we don’t know what to focus on - A giant Jungkook, Seokjin coming out from a screen, an escalator inside the house, Jimin barking with a dog, Seokjin and J-Hope doing the finger connection thing, a fast-paced montage of old satellites, radio work, etc. - a few seconds is all that ARMY needed to love and miss them more! Starting with Taehyung’s gorgeous visuals, and ‘I Believe In Connection’ in English, it’s almost a fantasy world.


Check out the video below:



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Now that’s what we call a Campaign film! A wide array of styles, genres and concepts leading up to one - HYBE, We Believe In Music. 


What were your favourite moments? 


Let us know in the comments below! 

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