Black Widows Review: Quirky, funny & everything thrill; Plot sets a strong premise in this new thriller drama

Starring an ensemble cast of Mona Singh, Swastika Mukherjee and Shamita Shetty, Black Widows is a dark comedy thriller on ZEE5.
Black Widows Review: Quirky, funny & everything thrill; Plot sets a strong premise in this new thriller drama
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What do you do when you are stuck in an abusive relationship with your partner? Where each day is hell for you? Where you are physically and mentally tormented every day? What is your solution to get out of such a problem?

Why, Kill them, of course! Sounds like a simple solution, right? That’s exactly what the three best friends Jayati (Swastika), Veera(Mona) and Kavita(Shamita) thought when they decided to end the misery that their marriages had become, once and for all.

Jayati’s husband Lalit is physically abusive to her, while Kavita’s husband Nilesh forces her to sleep with his high profile business clients that will benefit him. Veera’s husband Jatin threatens to take away her beloved daughter Siya from her each day. Tired of being emotionally and physically abused, the three women decide to take matters into their own hands. They plan a bomb blast on a boat where their three husbands are at but fake it as an accident.

Now the Black Widows have to cry some fake tears to play the part of grieving ex-wives for some time. But in reality, they are scot-free to be swept away by the happy, independent and abuse-free lives that they have always dreamt of.

They might have even got what they wanted if it weren’t for inspector Rinku’s (played by the talented Parambrata) nosey ways and his determination for sniffing out the truth. As if that wasn’t enough, a big wrench is thrown into the works which show them how their “simple” plan wasn’t so simple after all!

Black Widows is a thrilling, entertaining show that has just the perfect dash of dark comedy thrown into it to make you laugh out loud while you are gripping your seats. The pace of the plot is lightning fast and you never know what unexpected twists & turns the story will take next. The show also plays with who your sympathies should lie within this world of grey characters where no one is completely right or wrong.

Should someone get away with murder just because they have been abused? Or are they entitled to a happy ending after all that they have gone through? Who is the hero? Who is the villain? Can a friendship survive with such momentous secrets binding it together? The show asks such compelling questions to the audience and many more.

The casting is brilliant and the acting of the lead cast is flawless. Swastika Mukherjee steals the show as the strong-headed yet emotionally suppressed Jayati. Her beautiful green eyes depict her pain and she has the most quotable lines in the show. Shamita Shetty who marks her acting comeback in this show steps into the shoes of a vulnerable Kavita. She plays a flawed character who is impulsive and can be termed as a ticking time bomb.

Finally, we have the talented Mona Singh who takes on the role of Veera. She portrays Veera as a mom who can do anything for her daughter. It has to be mentioned that she didn’t watch the original Finnish version “Black Widows” which this show is an Indian adaptation of. Veera’s character was as original as possible. Inspector Rinku played by Parambrata is a show stealer and shines in every scene that he is featured in. Sharad Kelkar being the unexpected bad husband is another character who you would love to hate.

Aamir Ali stars as Eddie who is a charming yet very innocent guy. Ramia sen steps into the shoes of Innaya Thakur, an iron-willed boss lady with mysterious motives. Further, we also have Nikhil Bhamri who essays the role of Jahaan who unknowingly gets tangled into the mess of our murderous trio. Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Shoaib Kabeer play important supporting characters, Barry and Vicky who might have more than what meets the eye to them

The show boasts of incredible cinematography and has been shot in parts of picturesque Kolkata. The project is helmed by the talented Birsa Dasgupta who does full justice to the complicated storyline. The background music is eerie enough to set the gloomy yet somewhat hilarious plot. The dialogues are funny and relatable. They communicate the dark comedy thriller theme of the show stellarly. Further, the show is produced by Namit Sharma who had has Teacher’s Genuine stories credited to him as well.

This show is perfect for you if you are a fan of a fast-paced narrative, dark comedies and of course, some old-fashioned backstabbing! Don’t miss this exciting journey of Black Widows, now streaming on ZEE5.

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mona singh is pretty even at this age