BLACKPINK: From bohemian glam to retro influences; 5 trends Lisa’s stylist would add to our closets ASAP

BLACKPINK’s Lisa has amazing style, and today we are looking back at five top trends we’d love to cop from her coveted wardrobe.
BLACKPINK: From bohemian glam to retro influences; 5 trends Lisa’s stylist would add to our closets ASAP
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Since its inception in 2016, BLACKPINK has not only carved a niche in music but have also stunned fans aka BLINK with their impeccable styles. While all members of the group Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa and Rose have standout aesthetic, we have to give a special shoutout to Lisa for always acing her looks and constantly raising the style bar. Her ability to transform from girl-next-door style to OTT silhouettes is an unparalleled ability in itself, one that isn't an easy feet to accomplish. In honour of Lisa’s enviable style, we are looking back at the top trends that deserve to be incorporated into every closet. 


Chic is in: Lisa knows how to experiment with her looks, be it looking cute as a button in oversized clothes or, trying out killer combos, or trying out different denim variants, Lisa can ace it all. Over the period her styling has become so suave that even an off-stage looks just as worthy as an on-stage one. 


Boho glam: Even though our girl loves the subtle styles, she loves going OTT and playing with sparkly outfits once in a while, even when she is not on stage, and who can blame her! Be it lacy crop tops, delicate yet statement worthy jewellery or cargo pants with a feminine touch, no one does bohemian glam better than Lisa. 


BLACK: Just like the rest of us, Lisa is not unknown to the charms of an all-black outfit. Rocking monochromatic black outfits have become s kind of forte that the singer continues to nail to this day.


Retro rhythm: While modernity has its charm, the 70s were a class apart when it comes to fashion. From bootleg jeans to floral blouses and chic headbands, Lisa has taken inspiration from the era many a times over the years.


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