BLACKPINK: From bucket hats to oversized hoodies; Three trends Jennie is currently obsessed with

We are looking back at 3 trends that BLACKPINK’s Jennie is currently obsessed with. Scroll down to see the full list.
BLACKPINK: Three trends Jennie is currently obsessed with BLACKPINK: From bucket hats to oversized hoodies; Three trends Jennie is currently obsessed with
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As Kpop bands take centre stage, the world has not only witnessed their amazing music but also their trendsetting style. When we talk about K pop, 4-member group BLACKPINK comes to mind, the group not only has the lead in acing catchy music but also are emerging as global fashionistas. Today, we are listing the 3 trends the band’s alum Jennie is obsessed with. We scrolled through Jennie's Instagram and noticed the 25-year-old has an affinity for hats. She likes to complete her outfits with a beret or bucket hat, alternating between classic black hues or opting for a frayed patchwork topper. 


The one brand that always pops up in Jennie's closet and Instagram feed? Chanel. The star first became a brand ambassador for Chanel Beauty in 2018, then started repping the fashion house as a whole. Jennie's fans have unofficially crowned her as "the human Chanel," because they think she perfectly fits the brand's image. In addition, Jennie's style is so sought after that the media has stamped the fervour as the "Jennie Effect," similar to the "Kate Middleton Effect" or "Meghan Markle Effect," where an item spotted on the singer will sell out within minutes.


For days when she's not in the studio practising her choreography or participating in promotional campaigns, Jennie likes to relax in an oversize hoodie. She owns this loungewear piece in a variety of colours, styling them with skirts or underneath a pair of overalls. Like most fashion girls, Jennie also appreciates a one-and-done sweatsuit set.


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