BLACKPINK: Here’s why we love Jennie, Lisa, Jennie & Rosé’s trendsetting style

Today, we are looking at BLACKPINK’s incredible style and what makes it so awe-worthy. Scroll down for more.
BLACKPINK: Here’s why we lovetheir style BLACKPINK: Here’s why we love Jennie, Lisa, Jennie & Rosé’s trendsetting style
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Even if you’re not into K-Pop, you probably have heard of Blackpink - the biggest Korean girl group in the world at the moment. With world tours, appearances at Coachella and other American shows to their name, their influence has long crossed Asia’s borders. The girl group has a hand not only in the music industry but in the fashion industry as well. Here’s why we love their style. 


Jennie: Known as the “human Chanel”, probably due to her love of the luxury brand and collaborations with it, Jennie does the high-low fashion look really well. Mixing luxury brands with fast fashion or streetwear, she loves fashion and is said to be the most particular when it comes to choosing her outfits. And really, who else but Jennie would have something like 22 costumes changes in under three minutes? Yes, that’s the amount of different outfits she had for her first solo release, called Solo (as in being single). That’s a fashion queen for you.


Jisoo: Affectionately known as Miss Korea by the fandom (called Blinks), Jisoo is the visual of the group. With the kind of looks favoured by South Koreans, Jisoo would look quite at home as a K-drama heroine or as a beauty queen. Her fashion style is sweetly pretty, feminine and girly. Pastels, prints, bows, lace – her style is as cute as her personality.


Rosé: The main vocalist, Rosé probably has the most relatable style. Her look tends to be more casual and minimalist. Monochrome, basics and minimal accessories would sum up her look. She’s not afraid to do prints and florals but always keeps it classic.


Lisa: The youngest member of the group, Lisa’s style is very much street – cargo pants, crop tops, caps and any amount of chains can be seen in Lisa’s outfits. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t wear dresses, she can carry off the fitted sequinned mini numbers and long dresses with ease.


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