BLACKPINK member Rosé on receiving love from BLINKS for her unique voice: It feels like a great compliment

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BLACKPINK member Rosé on receiving love from BLINKS for her unique voice: It feels like a great compliment

BLACKPINK have surely had a memorable October 2020 as they finally released their first official studio album BLACKPINK: The Album which included several chart-topping singles and collaborations with artists like Selena Gomez in Ice Cream and Cardi B in Bet You Wanna. Moreover, Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé and Jennie were also their intimate, vulnerable selves in the recently released documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky which introduced the popular Korean girl group to an even bigger audience, besides their loyal and faithful BLINKS.

When it comes to Rosé, ever since her debut, fans have been very appreciative of the singer's vocal timbre calling it "unique". But, what does the 23-year-old singer have to say about receiving love from BLINKS for her vocals? In an interview with Dazed Korea via Soompi, Rosé confessed that she didn't think she had a unique voice during the time of BLACKPINK's debut in 2015. "My goal was to become a 'good singer' rather than a 'different singer,'" Rosé clarified while adding that she didn't practice to create a special tone or voice colour.

"The current reviews seem to acknowledge my uniqueness, so it feels like a great compliment," Rosé cutely concluded to Dazed Korea.

What do you think of Rosé's unique voice that sets her apart from other singers? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section below.

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Meanwhile, speaking of BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky, many were mighty impressed with Rosé for being so open about her fears and the struggles with stardom including feeling homesick. The singer was also seen breaking down while she recalled her childhood and how she used to never stay away from for more than two weeks.


Anonymous : Hello recently in august 2020 the first song i heard was du du du du of them(blackpink) it was in my reccomendation and when i heard vocal of rosé and that was it i became her fan first i was confused in their names after that i see their music videos and i become huge fan of jisoo deep voice rose angelic voice ,jennies high notes and lisa rap they are amazing Queens thats when i am obbsesed with them and became blink #BLACKPINK COME TO INDIA #SARANGHAE JENCHULICHAENG
REPLY 1 7 months ago
Anonymous : Really I love your Voice Rose'
REPLY 0 7 months ago
Anonymous : I LOVE Rosé. Even i want a solo from her!
REPLY 2 7 months ago
Anonymous : we want rose solo
REPLY 3 9 months ago
Anonymous : Solo where we here a her original voice and unique voice and please make a hyped solo like u did for Jennie make it something unexpected from rose. And than we want a solo from jisoo. We also want a music video for both. Idk how Lisa would have a solo because she only raps and we want something different from her I am honestly sick of her rap even though it’s so good it’s the same thing over and over again
REPLY 4 9 months ago
Anonymous : We want a solo
REPLY 7 9 months ago