BLACKPINK: When Lisa brought back french flare jeans with a single airport look

We are looking back at when BLACKPINK’s Lisa circulated the trend of bootcut jeans back in the trend cycle.
BLACKPINK: When Lisa brought back french flare jeans BLACKPINK: When Lisa brought back french flare jeans with a single airport look
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As Kpop bands take centre stage, the world has not only witnessed their amazing music but also their trendsetting style. When we talk about K pop, 4-member group BLACKPINK comes to mind, the group not only has the lead in acing catchy music but also are emerging as global fashionistas and beauty inspirations. When talking about fashion and beauty, one can’t miss Blackpink’s Lisa. Whether you’re watching her in a crowded stadium or on your phone screen, the pastel-haired pop star is instantly recognizable. Today, we are looking back at January 2020 when the icon managed to pull off 90s flare jeans, and brought bootcut back in fashion. 


And while we know showing up to the airport in your favourite leggings and hoodie is tempting but that look how chic people who dress up look a bit more put-together on flights—especially when they need to head somewhere straight from the tarmac. If you're Lisa from Blackpink, it certainly doesn't hurt that you have access to a head-to-toe outfit from Celine's S/S 20 collection. 


Back in January 2020, Lisa was photographed in an impossibly chic outfit at the airport and managed to single-handedly bring back bootcut jeans back in trend. While skinny jeans have long been an airport staple, the likes of Lisa and Nicole Kidman have me convinced that flared jeans are actually the way to go for travelling. And it makes sense. They're way less constricting, after all. 


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