BLACKPINK’s Lisa reportedly is set to sign with an American agency following YG Ent contract expiration

Following the expiration of her contract with YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK's Lisa is reportedly poised to join an American agency, with no official statement from YG Entertainment regarding the matter

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BLACKPINK's Lisa credits- Lisa's Instagram
BLACKPINK's Lisa credits- Lisa's Instagram
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  • Lisa is reportedly is set to sign with an American agency following YG Ent contract expiration
  • Lisa or YG Entertainment haven’t made an official comment regarding the situation

Recent reports indicate that Lisa from BLACKPINK is considering the possibility of joining an American talent agency. This development comes as the contracts of Lisa and other BLACKPINK members are approaching their expiration dates, prompting ongoing discussions regarding the renewal of these contracts. While YG Entertainment, the agency that represents BLACKPINK, had previously stated that the contract negotiations were still in progress, the latest reports suggest that Lisa may be leaning towards signing with an American agency. As of now, YG Entertainment has not officially commented on this matter.

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BLACKPINK’s Lisa might join an American label

There are reports from a foreign media outlet suggesting that BLACKPINK's Lisa is leaning towards signing with an American agency rather than renewing her contract with YG Entertainment. According to an exclusive report from TV Report, sourced from Taiwan media outlet SETN, there is growing speculation that BLACKPINK's Lisa may opt to sign with an unnamed American record label rather than renew her contract with YG Entertainment. The report suggests that this American record label has extended an enticing offer to Lisa, with a contract guarantee exceeding ₩50.0 billion KRW (approximately $37.7 million USD). This offer encompasses a wide range of opportunities, including support for her music, video content, fashion ventures, performances, and the release of six albums.

Furthermore, the report indicates that Lisa would gain ownership of the copyrights for her forthcoming songs, along with the rights to establish her own studio and the ability to sign other artists. It's important to note that neither Lisa nor YG Entertainment has officially responded to this news. The final decision regarding whether Lisa will indeed part ways with YG Entertainment will likely only be confirmed through an official statement from the K-pop sensation herself or the respective parties involved.


BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s contract status as of now

Recent reports suggest that BLACKPINK's youngest member, Lisa, has turned down a substantial renewal contract worth 50 billion KRW (approximately 37.7 million USD) from her agency, YG Entertainment. There have been rumors circulating that Lisa has received offers from entertainment companies outside of South Korea. However, YG Entertainment responded on September 15, emphasizing that discussions regarding Lisa's contract renewal were still ongoing and that these rumors had not been officially confirmed.

Fans on the YG Entertainment discussion forum have expressed concerns that Lisa's speech during BLACKPINK's world tour finale in Seoul on September 17, 2023, might indicate her farewell to their fandom, BLINKS.

Despite BLACKPINK's significant achievements, such as sold-out tours and making history by becoming the second-ever girl group to win Best Group at the MTV Video Music Awards, there appears to be uncertainty surrounding the group's future. BLACKPINK has been under YG Entertainment's management since its debut in 2016. Given the uncertainty surrounding Lisa's contract renewal, fans are worried that BLACKPINK may not be the same without her, and there is even speculation that the group may face disbandment if she departs.

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