#BlackSwanMinaDay: Five little known facts about birthday girl Mina from Nation's Girl Group TWICE

Published on Mar 24, 2021 04:25 PM IST  |  764.6K
#BlackSwanMinaDay: Five little known facts about birthday girl Mina from Nation's Girl Group TWICE

TWICE's main dancer Myoui Mina, known mononymously as Mina, turns 24 today and fans did not let her birthday pass unnoticed. ONCEs from all over the world have filled SNS with messages of celebration and admiration for this idol, which are accompanied by the hashtag #BlackSwanMinaDay.

Here are five little known facts about the TWICE member who has conquered audiences with her angelic aura, dreamy voice, and charismatic personality.

  1. Mina only trained for a year and a half before debuting, making her the TWICE member who spent the least time as a trainee before her debut. Mina took 11 years of ballet, which makes her highly qualified for her position as the group's main dancer.
  2. During an interview with GQ Korea in August 2019, Chaeyoung named Mina as the tsundere of their group. In her words, "Mina is very quiet, but she’s the type who silently takes care of you by your side."
  3. Mina is a Potterhead. She has seen the movies multiple times due to her love for the story and its characters, Hermione Granger in particular.
  4. She loves ketchup and could pair it with everything. Her favourite combo happens to be eggs with ketchup.
  5. She loves to shop online. She considers it one of her great hobbies as she can spend hours browsing sales sites and choosing items she would like to have.

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Did you know these facts about Mina? Wish her a very happy birthday in the comments section down below!