Box Office Report: ‘Katti Batti’s total collection stands at Rs 10.25 cr

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The second day box office report of Katti Batti’s collection is out. On Day 2 the collections have dropped. While the film’s opening collection was Rs 5.25 crore, on the second day, Nikhil Advani’s Katti Batti collected only Rs 5 cr.

With this the total collection of the film is Rs 10.25 crore.

Katti Batti had a slow start in the morning shows on Firday with 15-20% occupancy rate. However, the film picked up in the evening shows.

Box Office India reported that the Imran Khan-Kangana Ranaut’s romance tragedy needed to be at 6.5-7 crore nett on Saturday but the collections are far less meaning that it has not been well-received by its target audience in the metro cities.

This was Kangana and Imran’s first on-screen appearance, but looks like their love story didn't appeal to the cine-goers.

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She keeps saying through her interviews that everyone is jealous of her success but the way she keep comparing herself with others show that she is more jealous of others.

Kangana really needs to improve on her hindi and english and clarity in pronouncing the words. Many times difficult to understand what she is saying

Good bye Imran Khan ;(

Kangana, We still love you! You are our HEROINE!
KR Die Hard Fans Guild

This is wht happens when you start thinking others are not as good as you ..and u fall on your face

I am so glad! May this bring her back to earth! If thats even possible!

Oh trusr me! She is gonnna say she was awesome in the film, but she can't act for others, the example of humility she is!

So sad for Imran, I guess this will be his last as a lead. He's such a nice guy but nice guys don't do well in Bollywood, look at Abhishek, he's a the most sincere person in Bollywood. BW is a nasty world. Kangana, well I agree she needed to be brought down a notch, now she knows what reality is, maybe she will think before she speaks now.

Is she quite now ?

I watched it and it was so boring! A total waste of time until the last 20 minutes of the movie, which were actually really good (script-wise not acting) ....Imran was a terrible actor in it and Kangana`s hindi/english was a pain to hear. The only good thing was that she was well styled.

Since it's budget is quite low at 28 crores, there's a good chance of it being declared a hit. Good for Kangana.

The budget is actually around 33 crores, 23cr for the movie and 10cr for promotions though some have reported the budget as 36 crores so unless it picks up which is unlikely it will be declared a flop but the movie has no competition till Singh is Bling is out in October so it might just recover its cost

Lmaooo I have no words just facial expressions

Madam, You have a lot to learn. You allowed the media to draw you out! As if you had arrived, you talked and talked and talked too much. You even refused to act with the MEGASTAR ... Your mistakes. Now, everyone is stoning you. I think you are naive and hope that this result make you learn soon. NO MORE TALKING - ACT!!

Wwaahhh!!!! I should show her Sympathy,But sorry I can't..Ups and Downs r Parts of your Life but For this Girl I would say Ms Kangarooooooooo U deserved it...I hate u

Kangana.. next time, please listen to your heart, instead of somebody's mamujaan or your so called well wisher b4 signing a movie....
your die hard fan..


Buhahahaha:))) roflmaooooooo

Looks like Kangana's big mouth didn't help this film

So a movie with newcomers did better than this lol, I know people are going to say you can't compare the two and Hero got more screens but please if you're going to go on about how she's a superstar and no one is like her then it shouldn't matter what the movie is or how much screens it opens to, she should have been able to get a bigger collection. I can't wait to see what she has to say about this

Wait wasn't there someone saying it had picked up in the comments section before, so Kangana really isn't a superstar and is only as good as the movie in terms of getting the audience in. Hopefully this will teach her to not be so arrogant and instead concentrate on her work more.

In a strange kind of way I think this is good for Kangana's career.

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