Box Office Report: Hate Story 3 fares well, Tamasha nears 60 crores

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Vishal Pandya's Hate Story 3 has performed well in its opening weekend with the film collecting as good as Rs. 22.50 crores. 
According to Box Office India, the movie earned Rs. 6.75 crore on Day 2 and Rs. 7.50 crores on Day 3, taking the total collection to Rs 22.50 crores. Hate Story 3 did good business in UP, CP Berar, CI, Nizam and Maharashtra (outside Mumbai city and Pune). 
Although the film will find it hard to sustain even in its best circuits, the weekend business is enough to pull it through and has almost recovered its production cost and the third part will enjoy the highest profit in the franchise.
Meanwhile, Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone starrer Tamasha witnessed a fall in its collections and the film earned Rs. 6.50 crore nett in its week 2. The ten day business of the movie is Rs. 59.50 crore nett. 

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Tamasha and Hate story 3 are different type of movies, one caters to a niche audience which can accept unusual story line and other satisfies the mass audience like KRK followers.

Ranbir is very very sorry, but I'm glad because Deepika. Her fans have become too arrogant and intolerant of flop other actresses. I still remember how Deepika fans mocked the failure of the Phantom. No, I do not hate Deepika, but I'm tired of her fans. Remember what the wise man wrote a commentary on Pinkvilla "Queen Katrina could not save career Saif, queen Kangana could not save career Imran whether Queen Deepika save career Ranbir?" These words are etched in my memory, finally publish my comment, what a strange censor?

Promotions are supposed to help a movie, not harm. But in Tamasha's case, it harmed the movie A LOT! So many people were putt off by the promotions. It was in very VERY bad taste and people just about had enough of Ranbir and Deepika by the time the movie came out...even though it was a GOOD movie, seeing them together was an overkill!! If they had not gone too far, it would have roused the curiosity of the audiences and it would have been fun to watch, but they left nothing pleasing or charming to the was all over by the time the movie was out!

I am a Deepika Fan, but not a blind who speaks the truth when it needs to be spoken. I LOVE Deepika, but I am getting turned off by her lately. I can tell you honestly that I was sick and disgusted by the way she conducted herself during the Tamasha promotions. It was SO awkward and uncomfortable to watch her and see her pictures with Ranbir! It was embarrassing. It was extremely UNDIGNIFIED and uncalled for. She knew it would bother Katrina and she still went on throwing herself on top of Ranbir whenever she got a chance. Times like these tell a lot about a celebrity, from inside out. Another thing, she still has nothing on her twitter account for BM...but she had Tamasha on like nothing. How can you treat your films so unfairly and partially, only god knows! Her behavior is not the sense that...the way she has treated Tamasha and BM. Fans get attached to celebrities, and they need to know that that attachment and connection means a lot to the fans. But when you do things to turn your fans off and do things to detach and disconnect with them, it is quite sad. I am just hoping Deepika comes back to her senses. Treats her films equally and carries herself in a more dignified manner when it comes to her exes. Whatever happened to her in the past with Kat and Ranbir in the past. One cannot keep going back. Everyone knows they are a couple and so are DP and Ranveer. You do not cross the line, especially so publicly, to upset another woman who is in a relationship. I hate when women do things to hurt another women, and they go on talking about women empowerment. The day all women get along and show respect to each other, no matter what the differences, women empowerment will be powerful in itself. I was so disappointed by DP...but am giving her the benefit of the doubt to turn around. Let us see!

Yeh Jawaani hai deewani days are definitely gone.

Ranbir is an overrated actor & so is Imtiaz as a director. Rockstar was an epitome of a bad movie, Imtiaz messed up the second half. Coming back to Tamasha, A moment of silence for the team.

.. Congratulations to Zarine Khan And Daisy Shah they have Hit without a Superstars Brave Ladies.. keep up the good work !!!

So Ranbir is still a flop... ouch

I'm kinda glad that Tamasha flopped. otherwise DPtards here will say things like Ranbir got a hit because of deepika and his carrier was rescued by her. They would have annoyed us for a long time.

Just like you are right now?? :p

the fraudulence of Deepika shines loud and clear. She did everything to promote herself and Ranbir as hot and happening and that too while he was seeing another woman. I am sure now that she was doing him certain favors and it is absolutely disheartening is she is not to the least promoting Bajirao on social media. AT ALL! BM is releasing in just a few weeks. This is not just disrespecting to oneself to the entire team of BM. I've realized one thing today, the frame of her promoting Tamasha solely for the past 3-4 weeks to the length and extremes she's gone shows that she KNOWS that her notoriety in BW is based on her relationship with Ranbir. That keeps her in the media and that keeps the public talking about her. And she was using that to promote herself, pathetic pathetic. Pinkvilla plz post--do not be biased.

Tamasha's lifetime collection will be lower than Rockstar, which was around 68 cr nett.

Taran Adarsh: hate story 3 has cost ₹ 6.5 cr make. Plus, ₹ 6.7 cr for print + advertising. Total cost: ₹ 13.2 cr... SUPER HIT in terms of economics.

So with the international collections it is 90 Crore. Haters keep on hating. Budget was 70-75. It's already a hit !

Come'on... Not a Hit

LOL so much for it being a success , it's flopped

Tamasha collected only 6.5 crores in whole week!!! ROFL!!! Poor Vin Diesel!!! PV post it for god sake

Well, to be fair, all of Vin Diesel's films have flopped (apart from the F&TF series).

Don't drag Vin Diesel into your petty statements. What does he have to do with this? Haters are clearly burning.

I was honestly expecting collections like YJHD. Second friday collection is just 1.6 crores. No matter how hard the fans try to make Tamasha a hit we all know it is FLOP. Taran adarsh on twitter "the declining biz of tamasha illustrates how this movie has only been accepted by tiny crowd while rejected by others" even Ranveer was asked at filmfare style awards what he thought about the poor collection of tamasha. This is why no one should mess with Bhai.

Tamasha [Week 2] Fri 1.72 cr, Sat 2.84 cr, Sun 3.21 cr. Total: ₹ 61.23 cr. India biz, worldwide business is near to cross 100 cr... despite the fact that this movie has no universal appeal, only rk power performance is making it possible...he snatched kat from your bhai, kicked his ass in front of entire world and still working with top directors...on your face

calm down ranbir fan it was salman who broke up with her plus you should not be proud that your favorite actor snatch other man's girlfriend it is something to be ashamed of but your depression because of ranbir flops is blinding you

in your face*

Tamasha earned 60 cr in india only, still 8 days to go. Hope it will cross 70 cr till 16 dec *finger crossed*

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