Box Office Occupancy Rate: Shahid, Kangana and Saif's Rangoon off to a poor start!

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Rangoon, set in the 1940, will take you for a ride and the lead stars Kangana Ranaut, Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan have left no stone unturned while putting up their show in the film. The film was in headlines ever since it was announced and the buzz around Rangoon was all over the news.

Well, contrary to that, the film has not started on a good note at the box office. According to BOI, it had an occupancy rate of 10-15% in the morning shows. But, the reviews which have been pouring in since morning are boasting of the brilliant performances by the starcast. 

Today is Mahashivratri and that might be one of the reasons for such a less occupancy rate in the morning shows. But, it's expected that things by the evening might improve and the long weekend factor will also help the movie rake in numbers. 

It'll be interesting to see the opening day collection of Rangoon. If we go by the releases coming week, there are no big movies, so Rangoon has the benefit of two weeks till Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt's Badrinath Ki Dulhania hits the screens on March 10. 

The positive word-of-mouth might also become the driving force for the film to do wonders at the ticket windows. Critics have praised Kangana's performance as she outshines in the film. Recently, the movie also landed in a legal issue, after Roy Wadia claimed that Kangana's character Julia is lifted from Hunterwali and is based on Fearless Nadia. 

Do you plan to watch Rangoon? Let us know in the comments below!

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She wanted to promote alone and not with Saif or Shahid. Bcoz in her head, she was some Big Queen. Now that the film has tanked, will she own up the responsibility for it?

Film will tank at box office.

1st day -6 cr
1st weekend - 21 cr
1st week - 30 cr
Lifetime -35 cr
Simran too be will a disaster
Now bark more on Deepika flops.

Deepika couldn't carry a single film on her shoulders and her fans r comparing her with Kangana. Lol

Omg where did the stardom of our bollywood queen vanished. ?
Hopefully this flop actress understands that she will never make it big like Aish,Dp,pc,kareena or even katrina.

Wow film released on a holiday and still it collected 6 cr at box office ?
Btw Xander cage collected 2000 cr at box office.
LMAO kangana fans.Rangoon will do less than Xander cage did in India (₹50 cr).Lol.

Mind it .Its all about business if the film is flop no one cares no matter how good it is.
Surely kangana will say that she got praised for her performance and thats all she want but reality is every actor wants Bo numbers not a handfull of critics raving and film producers crying for their loss.

Aoooahh! I am Julia!!! lol! So fake, is that good acting for people?

is this movie good role model for our generation?

the story is about old lady make love with 2 boys. Threesome love.

It's crazy how you underestimate a movie like Commando 2 which is coming next week.

Karma Ms. Ranaut. Clean up your deeds and lose your arrogance.

Kangana has no screen presence! She's like vidya very limited not very versatile .

Every single critic is praising Kangana. If the film works, it's because of Kangana.

All are praising Shahid more than her. Two critics even called her hamming in some scenes. Like always.

In the reviews I read, v m critics called him deadpan and Kangana saves the film.

Vidya and Kangana are more talented than ur

Sorry to say but I called this a flop right from the first look!! Too niche for the general audience

Its not getting appreciated because its niche or this or that, but because of execution.People in India watch all types of movies, just make sue , you execute the product better. Aamir khan films works, because he created that band value and makes sure that it reaches them in a way they expect it.

I will say that dangal was such a simple movie looked more like a disney type movie or (like the karate kids series ) and it made 700cr.. Aamir much be embaraced that it made so much money. Are kids going to theaters to watch movies? Where are the smart brains? Movies like rangoon are for evolved human beings. Indian audience is funny and sad at the same time.

Ok kangana. We know you are jealous of Aamir and Dangal. Fyi dangal is a true story not a fiction. Post it plz pinkvilla.

Jungle book Mowgli was also a true story. GO watch suites your level of intelligence. And i am no Kangana. What makes you think actors comment. I am fan from NZ.

They made a niche film with big budget. That was wrong. Bishal bharadwaj last movie was also flop movie. Kangana did her job well movie is bad.

Watched the movie, its really good. The critics were even harsh on 3 idiots so cant go by that. All the 3 actors are amazing and of course Kangana takes the cake. If people here are from various stars PR companies its a different take to just slam for no reason. But as audience great watch if you enjoy good movies not over the top commercial films.

Kangana needs help of a good entertaining film to pull crowds. Else no one cares to see her ordinary face on screen.

Ordinary face?? What ?you want a botoxed face. Then look in the mirror you. :)

Her haters are so happy now but remember it just came put today. Mouth propaganda is very strong. all are loving this movie. Shivratri is the main reason for such low occupancy.

Poor folks...worked so hard. But such is life!

Kangna is already crying her scenes are cut..booohoooo....she's not a team player for sure!

Majority of Critics slam the movie and only raving about the performances.

Kangana is a 2 film wonder and that too worked due to script and luck.

She has delivered hits since her debut.

when?Check her biography. she didnt give hits since her debut. its all made by you like kangana.

You check her filmography. Her debut Gangster was a hit, followed by Woh lamhe, OUTIM, TWM 1, Fashion, Metro, Raaz 2.

Kangana Ranaut -Hits, Flops, Blockbuster : Box Office Analysis

ATBB – 0
Blockbusters – 2
Super-Hits – 1
Hits – 2
Average/Semi-Hits – 6
Flops/Disasters – 15
Washouts – 0
Hit Ratio (Hit or Above) – 19.23%
Success Ratio (Average or Above) – 42.30%

Year Film Collection (cr) Verdict
2006 Gangster Semi-Hit
2006 Woh Lamhe Flop
2007 Shakalaka Boom Boom Flop
2007 Life in a… Metro Semi-Hit
2008 Fashion Semi-Hit
2009 Raaz 2 Semi-Hit
2009 Vaada Raha Disaster
2010 Kites Flop
2010 OUATIM Hit
2010 Knock Out Disaster
2010 No Problem Flop
2011 Tanu Weds Manu Hit
2011 Game Disaster
2011 Double Dhamaal Average
2011 Rascals Flop
2011 Miley Naa Miley Hum Disaster
2012 Tezz = Disaster
2013 Shootout at Wadala Average
2013 Krrish 3 Blockbuster
2013 Rajjo Disaster
2014 Queen Super Hit
2014 Revolver Rani Flop
2014 Ungli Disaster
2015 Tanu Weds Manu Returns Blockbuster
2015 I Love New York Disaster
2015 Katti Batti Flop


As expected. Truth is out why she was milking the dead controversy and using Hrithik, PC, DP to sell her movie.

i knew it from day one that its a biggest flop. Next BV .

4th flop for kangana. Now who will she blame? Salman like she did durign Katti batti or Hrithik? :P

Her career is over. LOL self proclaimed Queen.

Go kangu! Glad you're getting the best reviews

haha what about BO kangana ? keep dreaming.

Watched public reaction on yourube - eveeryone but everyone is loving it! Y go Kangy!

yes kangana in your head :)

Good im soo happy

This is a flop film. Torture and boring movie.

horrible movie...dont waste your time and money.....kanganas career almost over

Mahashivratri puja is done in the morning. Occupancy would be less in the morning.

I expected to be low as its Shivratri today. I will watch it tomorrow with friends. It gonna pick up from Saturday for sure.

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