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Box Office Report: Kangana, Shahid and Saif's Rangoon opens up on a low note on Day 1!

Kangana Ranaut, Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan's film Rangoon earned INR 5 crore on its opening day.
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Directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, Rangoon, set against the backdrop of World War II, has finally hit the screens on February 24, this year. The film stars Kangana Ranaut, Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan in the lead roles. While Kangana plays the role of Julia, Shahid is seen as Nawab Malik. Saif portrays the character of Rusi Billimoria in the film. 

Contrary to all the hype before its release, Rangoon has relatively opened on a low note on Day 1. The film collects INR 5 crore on its first day. While the production numbers say that the film has earned INR 6.07 crore on Day 1. But, Rangoon has been basking in good reviews from the critics and viewers alike. Kangana's stellar performance has been the highlight of the film. Fans are also appreciating Shahid for his role. 

The opening day collection have been less, but positive word-of-mouth might get the movie to mint more money on Saturday and Sunday. The film released in 1800 screens across the country and has reportedly been made with a budget of INR 80 crore. Will the film be able to cover up and get profit? The film even has the benefit as no big releases are there in the coming week. 

Yesterday was Mahashivratri and that might have been the reason of low occupancy rate in the morning shows, but it did pick up in the evening shows. 

Recently, the movie also made headlines also landed when Roy Wadia claimed that Kangana's character Julia is based on Fearless Nadia from the film Hunterwali. 

Have you watched Rangoon? Tell us in the comments below! 

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This Day That Year


Guys guys guys people who are saying DP would have done better. TAMASHA had two biggest, most famous and beautiful people, it still tanked!! Please put your biases aside it doesn't do anything other then make few god like stars richer then half the country. Think about it they are not what you see on news, videos, papers. Watch good movies that should be it and Rangoon is a good cinema!! MMM***

I agree with you sentiment--regarding putting our biasis aside.The performaces were good even though movie was flawed.Rangoon is good cinema.
I have watched some of Kangana s and Deepikas movies. Both are good actresses given the opportunities.But both need to improve on their promotional style.I was horrified at Kanganas behaviour during Katti Batti and Deepika was embarrassing during Tamasha.But I still went and watched these movies,beacuse there were other talented people involved and the movies were good.So once again please put your biases aside and give Indian cinema a chance.Just a humble request please.Otherewise some good movie makers wont take risks and we will be bogged down with more crappy movies .

Women's movies are difficult to get lit even in the west. In India women like her are seen as vamp because she speak what she feels.M

What i get from comments is that if the movie flops it's Kangana's fault!! Is that right?? Even though she has done her job, there is no review that says Kangana didn't perform. She is the best thing in the movie. mmm

Indians go to see their fav actors not good cinema we all know that. That is why 3 khans are richer then half the country. m

in europe & usa rangoon will be flop. when movie is set in ww2 reality it must be real war, action & blood, not romance. who think about love when must fight for life! waste of time...

You are retarded. It's an epic romantic drama film set in the backdrop of WW2. And you're acting as if nobody fell in love/got married, etc. in the 1940s. If that were the case, we wouldn't even be here right now. In fact, the human race would've vanished, lol.

Disagree. 1 great example CASABLANCA!!!

Common guys. I am not a big fan of Kangana or deepika. But I can tell for sure- Put Kangana and Deepika in a movie together. Kangana will eat Deepika. Kangana is one helluva performer. There is something crazy about her.

Saw the movie at AMC Empire. It is an epic but i do have to admit it is to long and patriotism is force fed. Never the less one should watch it to see the great performances especially by K Ranaut. She may not have a beauty of Indians are used to on films but she looks fab and her job was A-mazing.

Kangana is one trick pony. She has no versatility.

Why only deepika?insecure much Hmm. Deepika has starpower and popularity which kangana lacks. Put them toghter and deepika will be the only reason people will come to cinema. This insecure kangna will only bad mouth deepika and hrithik. Yes you are a kangana fan otherwise you wouldn't mention Deepika. Post it plz

Yes Deepika is beauuuuuutiful but i can't stand to listen to her boring as hell. You go to watch Deepika i go to watch a film. mm

So true. Even Mr. Bachan said that people came to watch Piku due to DP. She is a big star. Kangana might acts well than DP but don't have popularity /stardom and screen presence like DP,Pc,Kat,Alia or Aunshka. All she can do is to blabber and blame others.

Someone commented that people go for songs and trailer and then someone replied with ex of baar baar dekho.
I totally agree tg
Baar baar dekho have the best soundtrack of year.I still listen kala chasma,Dariya,Nachnede saare,sau Asmaan,Teri khair mangadi and even kho gye hum kahan is cute .Trailer too was very good.

Manipulative Cunning Stalker thought harassing HR every second day wid lies n throwing muck at him or DP will get her n her film more publicity. But she still remains at Katti Batti level. LOL

I just feel thatvour bollywood business is shrinking and going all Europe way.Hollywood films are dominating which is bad sign.All hollywood films sholud be banned in India like china.
What's wrong is Deepika,Alia,katrina,shradha,kangana films are becoming flops.pc Aish and kareena are jobless.As for anu ,she is good only for khans film.

Hahahaaha the self proclaimed queen's 4th flop in a row

It's great that you guys share box office india's articles. You should also share indicine's articles, they are interesting and insightful.

"no big releases are there in the coming week" maybe you should not underestimate Commando 2.

Kanganas stellar performance haha haha! Whom r u trying to fool?

Every critic is praising her performance.

Every critic is praising her performance, unlike Deepika's performance in XXX.

XXX did 2095 crores business which is 4 times more than its budget. Rangoon will not do even half of what was spent in making it. Rangoon is a flop.

Whatever business XXX did, its definitely not because of DEEPIKA..Delusional much !!!!

Rangoon surely flopped only because of Kangana. Her two hit films were because of good scripts not because of Kangana. She is a loud mouth who can only hate others.

Xxx flopped in the US, it only did business in China because of Donnie Yen and Chris Wu and that's a fact.

Exactly. Who cares about XXX, maybe it was a success in foreign country, but the fact that the movie flopped in USA says a lot.

It's a fop, the most WOM will do is save it from being a disaster. What you see and hear on social media platforms is very different to what people think in the real world. Kangs has only been successful with Queen (great WOM) and TWMR. In all this people forgot she had other releases that did terrible business, in the end just like every other actress she cannot sell a film on her own

So Queen and Tanu returns had SRK, Ranbir, Ranveer opposite Kangs???

People get attracted to songs and trailers and give the movie a chance.Actors performances adds up only if the the film flows nicely,whether its deepika,kangana doesnt matter.

If that were true Baar Baar Dekho would've been the biggest blockbuster of last year.

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