Box Office Report: Kangana-Shahid-Saif's Rangoon runs out of steam in its opening weekend

Kangana Ranaut, Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan's Rangoon has not able to create a mark at the box office.
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Vishal Bhardwaj's Rangoon which stars Kangana Ranaut, Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan has finally hit the screens on February 24 this year. But, contrary to the hype and given the star value, the film has failed to make a mark at the box office. 

In its opening weekend, the film has earned INR 14.31 crore. On Sunday, Rangoon minted INR 4.50 crore. The film opened to low numbers on Day 1, but there were expectations that film might pick up on Saturaday and Sunday. Rangoon revolves around Rusi Billimoria (Saif Ali Khan), Miss Julia (Kangana Ranaut) and Jamadar Nawab Malik (Shahid Kapoor). The film is set in the era of World War II, but it seems like that Rangoon has not able to strike a right chord with the audience. 
Earlier, the film also made news when the pirated version was leaked online. Given the fact the full movie was leaked online, it might have been one of the reasons that the film is not able to pick up at the ticket windows. 
It's also said that the film will witness some normal drops on the weekdays. The film has received mixed reviews and it'll be interesting to see whether positive word-of-mouth with help the film rake in numbers or not. The performance by the lead actors has also been appreciated.  
Have you watched Rangoon or not? Let us know in the comments below!

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Is this the same movie Deepika wanted to steal from her ?

What a pity people aren't going to watch it. I really enjoyed it. I don't understand why it's not doing better. I wish kangana had shut up during the promotions because I think her comments created a negative feeling about it. The performances were stellar from all 3 leads.

Rangoon theme is not very easy to be liked,No point in trashing indians there are so many war/love story movies which are flop in hollywood also,every movie should connect with the viewer,to be honest i couldn't connect with this movie niether with kangana's character,when i saw the songs i didn't like anything about it, felt kangana was out of the character in that song,it's not suiting her persona.i guess not all actors can not do all characters,may be there are some characters which can be done by some actors vice versa.i felt only shahid was perfect choice.This movie has got mixed reviews from critc/users also,yes VB is great filmmaker but everybody makes mistakes.accept and move on.I thin the team was over confident about kangana,Queen became success cos of not only her acting but for the story/direction also.look what happened to Revolver rani..
for the matter Tamasha also not hit,it might have got back it's budget but still it was not hit.It had DP and RK.!.
kangana might be a good actress but she couldn't pull off this one,she is always good in characters like Tanu except for queen.She is an grt example for girls but also example for people to not be over confident and trash everyone in ur way.Success/money will not be there always,it's just a matter of time.
Be calm and take it easy Kanagana.everyone wants success and money like u, you don't have to make other less to show world ypu are more.You did that a lot from last year and now u got it back.

Kangana played the victim card and tried to gain sympathy... Hrithik in turn did not give a

Kangana is one of the great actors we have today..who came from nothing and made something, show some respect ppl, Do you know how hard it is to make it to the top be it any industry when you dont have a big daddy or the family support..Yes she speaks her mind and I think that is much better than someone who sweet talks just for the cameras. She is a strong woman and maybe her journey was such that she had to be tough inorder to survive. Dont hate blindly ppl just because you are fans of her contemporaries. World needs to embrace and appreciate such strong hardworking talented women.

People have a problem with Kangana even though she is a good actor. I hope she realised that SHE is the bully!
Shahid and Saif were fantastic in the movie.

Kangana has the opposite of star power. Audiences would prefer not to watch her film, what does that make her?

Kangana oh Kangana. Calling Earth

Really very nice movie, every Indian must watch. Shahid and kangana performed really well. Kangan rocked the screen.
Super movie after a long time.

Kangana's bad karma affected the Vishal Shahid good luck enjoyed by their past movies

It's Shahid's first disaster it's ok but I can't bear the fact that it happened with a Vishal Bhardwaj film. The combo is gold

Shaandaar was also disaster, you forgot??

If shahid chose better films or more massy-friendly films. He would be soooo big because he has that spark and potential the younger lot wouldn't have the chance to shine or be ahead of him so they are lucky in that sense. It's really funny how shahid's poor script sense doesn't let him grow as a star. That is what I truly feel

WOW! I really wanted the film to do will because of Shahid, Saif, Vishal and the rest of the crew. *sigh* such is faith!

I watched this movie.The performances were good.The movie is flawed.But it it is still beautiful.Waiting for your next movie VB.

Wazir flopped. Dispite having heavy lifter Big B and Industry man Farhan. Give it a rest. Tamash flopped dispite having beauty supper model eveyones fav Dikika and Industry kid Ranbir. Give it a break. No big deal.

Tamasha did much better. And we know it.

She can only play dehatan roles. It is a fact. Please print.

Have no interest in this Skank Kangana.

No one is interested in FLOP Kangana. Even her WTF and fake marriage and boy friends statement could not safe this film. LOL!
After great pride cometh a great fall.


If a beautiful movie like Rangoon gets rejected. I wonder who will watch Aa gaya hero and I will not understand the audience mentality if people go to watch badrinath ki dulhanial and not give even little love to Rangoon. Sad very Sad.

Rangoon is a fantafabulous movie. I saw it in theatre. It is not at all dark and slow movie as it is perceived being a Vishal movie. Its very classy and good paced. Kangana's character was loosely based on CAPTAIN AMERICA 1 movie. Felt like i was watching the 1st captain america movie. Shahid acted his roll perfect to "T".

Kangana does not have star power. Eat humble pie now with her WTF statement and her superior attitude. I feel bad for Saif and Shaid and the producers.

Kangana never said she's a huge star. She said she is an amazing actress, and she's proved it with Rangoon.

Guys, all these figures are wrong. Rangoon has done 20 cr business in the weekend. Fingers crossed for the weekdays

Feel so bad for shahid.disasters 1 after the other.he definetly doesn't have script sense & vishal makes movies for himself but not for public.shahid is stuck

Kangna must be feeling so stupid after all those interviews she did

Even the most bad movie shows growth on Sunday. First time, Sunday figures r less than Friday n Saturday!!!! This is unprecedented rejection. Will hold Kangana for this as her lies n arrogance was repulsive to say the least . It's high time she starts saying the Truth n apologies for her nastiness to all.

This shows our standards in movies and then complaint that Hindi movies are not of HW std. fact is we deserve only garbage cinema. You are the kind who'll watch badrinath ki dilhaniya instead

this is no life is beautiful standard movie..even if directed by VB. we already know where to look for best ww2 movies if we want. i am sorry but our standards for what you call best war movies is very high.

Most of my friends didnt watch Rangoon coz we didnt want to watch Kangana. If it was another heroine wld hve definitely gone to watch

Why ? What did she do to you ?

Do something vishal and Nadiawala. Don't give up. Distribute free ticket. Give them for half price.

Other then Amir's, good movies don't work in India. Massan, Madari, Raman Ragahv, Manjhi.

Sad, why invest so much if they didn't think they would make it back. I uave to admit all of Kangana's shenanigans kept me away, i wonder how many other people felt that way.

If people say Kangana has no star power it means it shouldn't matter what she says or does! Then don't blame her if the film tanks, like the way you won't credit her if it succeeds

I am not Indian but my favorite director in BW is mr. VB. I am really sad for him that he has to make movies in a country where cinema is considered just an entertainment not an art, where people instead of feeling sorry for themselves because of their bad taste, they make fun of directors and actors who worked really hard to make a serious movie. These people deserve crap and meaningless masala movies with talentless actors.

I want someone to do an "after" Rangoon interview with Kangana.

Karma is obviously the bigger bitch.

Who's karma vishal bhardwajs karma? For making a honest movie and hiring best actors?

Both Kangana's and Vishal's. But mostly Kangana's. She is running out of people who wants to work with her and If her movies aren't working, that's a double whammy!

Remember how she said she wanted to be left alone as though DP was stalking her. And then she takes a dig at her by making boxers statement. so much for someone who wants to be left alone

Well, the blame game will begin in 3...2...1...

Shahid proved he's a disaster king.

The movie failed the actors and not the other way. I feel bad for Shahid who is good but never gets box office success.

The biggest flop of this year. Time for Shahid and KR to come off their high horse.

Vishal's films never win big in the box office. All of his films have been flops. This is completely normal, because he makes elite movie not for the masses.

Hail the (drama) QUEEN! Lol

Now they'll fake stories like pirated version reduced collctns..reality is people are just not interested in flop shahid

This is possible. I saw pirated version of Raees on the Internet few days after release. But the problem is that Rangoon theme is not interesting for audience. Not only in India but in Europe & USA as well.

so does flop chef

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