October Box Office Collection: Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu's film stays strong in its 1st weekend

October, directed by Shoojit Sircar and starring Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu in the lead, is an emotional love story. The film started on an average note and with positive word of mouth, the film gained speed at the box office.
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October, starring Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu, has touched millions of hearts with its unconventional and powerful love story. The film opened on a decent note and then picked up pace at the box office. On its opening day, October collected Rs 5.04 crore and on Day 2, it has minted Rs 7.47 crore. On Sunday, the film earned Rs 7.74 crore. In three days of its release, October stands at Rs 20.25 crore. 
Directed by Shoojit Sircar, October tells the story of Dan (Varun Dhawan), whose life changes after his colleague Shiuli (Banita Sandhu) undergoes a terrible accident. It is about numerous battles; interpersonal and intra-personal. 
In an interview with a leading daily, Shoojit said, "It wasn’t like I wanted to work with Varun Dhawan. I saw him in my office one day and I just found some kind of honesty and innocence in him which I was looking for my character. I went on with him purely on instincts. Though he was an overnight sensation, a star, but there was something really ‘teenage’ and ‘young’ in him."
Meanwhile, in a conversation with Pinkvilla, talking about the impact October had on him, Varun revealed, "This film has had such a big impact on me that after finishing the shoot, there were days when I was just alone. I couldn't meet people. I didn't want to interact too much with people and I just felt that...I was just viewing my life and I was like why am I living it in this way and I made some changes to what kind of person I am. I've tried to put that back in my work. It's almost like someone put a reset button on me."
October was a tight-packed schedule of just 37 days but Varun was so invested in his character that he was sad to let go. "I've never been more unhappy when a film has been over. I just wanted to stay in that zone with these amazing people who are doing what they were doing. This is the only film where I have not looked at the monitor when I have given a shot, this is the only film. Knowing me with all the films I have done, I will always go look at the monitor. This is the only film where I, for some reason, did not go and check the monitor, I was not going only," Varun said.  

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haha.. I like Ranbir kapoor as an actor. I was also annoyed at all the articles from Varun dhawan's PR camp claiming Varun has better star power or is a better box office than Ranbir - he he try one good film and see your box office power.

Same movie with Ranbir would have definitely fared much much better.

Ranbir's box office is worst than Varun or any other gen-next actor. Saawariya, Bombay velvet and Besharam are box office disasters. Other actors may had flops but never a box office disaster which lead to producers paying money to distributers for their loss (Bombay velvet) or production house shutting down because of the loss (Saawariya, Bombay velvet). If he was not a nepo kid, he would not have gotten so much opportunities...

Bombay Velvet with budget of 120crs, lots of songs, co-actor Anushka Sharma, Karan Johar debut, very well promoted, was not able to do business what october did in few days and october is niche of niche, a film which doesn't happen in Hindi cinema. So you better know what you speak.

ummm "strong?!

Now we can all see the star power of over-hyped and overrated Varun.

Rani hicky as female led film and Ranveer's Lootera as newbie got 20 cr
what is Varun's power is nothing. overhyped by media

October Movie ReviewVarun Dhawan and Banita starrer October beautifully falls into a parallel stream of film making. This was a much needed piece of art for the current Indian film industry. A huge thumbs up to Shoojit Sarkar for making our April as soothing as October

The type of movie this is, 20 crore is superb business over the weekend, I have seen the movie & I have loved it but didn't expected this kind of business from the movie since it was quite a unique movie in all aspects. No songs, no drama, very realistic portrayal of life with lot of things which can only be understood based on perception.

boring movie

October is a torture

This time paid critics can't save this bad movie


19 cr super flop boring movie

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