Brands remove Seo Ye Ji’s collabs, Cube releases new group, 2NE1 comeback & more: DAILY HIGHLIGHTS for you

There’s a lot that went down on April 14. While the bigger news was always right in our face, here are some other news of the K-Pop industry you might have missed out on.
Actress Seo Ye Ji at an award show Brands remove Seo Ye Ji’s collabs, Cube releases new group, 2NE1 comeback & more: DAILY HIGHLIGHTS for you
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Unlike other days, today March 14 was a bit slow in the Korean entertainment industry. Still, while you might have been busy binge-watching your shows or movies, or wondering what to do for the next 15 days of lockdown, here are some bite-size stories for you to know what’s happening in the industry. Take a look. 

Brands pull out Seo Ye Ji from their ads and PR list

Due to the multiple controversies the ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay’ star Seo Ye Ji is currently embroiled in, several media outlets have reported that brands are hurriedly pushing her out off the list. According to a report from iMBC, Inner Flora, a brand Seo Ye Ji collaborated with, has removed all images with the actress from their website and social media. There are also reports of brands cancelling her sponsorship ahead of her press conference for ‘Recalled’.


Cube Entertainment announces their new idol group LIGHTSUM in an exciting way 

Cube Entertainment released a scintillating logo teaser announcing their new idol group called LIGHTSUM. They opened a new Twitter for the group which since the announcement a few hours ago, has already gained 5k+ followers, at the time of writing this. Without much information, the agency talked about the meaning behind the group's name - "Bright LIGHTs that will come together as one SUM to reach everyone across the world, becoming a group that will convey more positive energy to all through their message of hope." Check out their exciting teaser and their Twitter account below. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel here.



CL and Park Bom’s agencies confirm no 2NE1 comeback or group reunion

After Sports Kyunghyang’s report stating that the iconic girl group 2NE1 is gearing up for a comeback and have even recorded a song together, member CL and Park Bom’s agencies denied the reports and confirmed that there is not going to be any comeback. A source from CL’s agency stated to Hankook Ilbo that the group recording a song is not true. The misunderstanding, they explained, could’ve occurred as all the members met at CL’s recording studio for Minzy’s birthday in January but there are no plans for a group reunion or a song release. Even a source of Park Bom’s agency confirmed that the recording did not take place and there are no plans for a reunion. This also comes after Park Bom recently stated on a radio show that the group has recorded a song together. However, we’re still not sure what the final stand is.


Naver NOW’s new show to be hosted by Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Donghae

Duo Donghae and Eunhyuk will be gracing the screens with their hosting skills for Naver NOW’s new show. To spice things up, Naver NOW uploaded a tweet asking fans to guess the title of the show and also to explain the reason behind the title. The first episode of the show is scheduled to broadcast on April 22, 5 PM KST. Check out the tweet below and participate in the competition. The winner will get a prize too. 


NU’EST releases a music video teaser, revealing each member’s charms for the new album

After two highlight medleys and teaser posters, as days go by, NU’EST released an exciting music video teaser for their title track ‘Inside Out’ on April 14 (April 15 midnight KST). The 25-second teaser shows us glimpses of each member in different settings and different avatars. From a sculptor to a pool player - they ooze different charms. Check out the trailer below: 



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