Brave Girls share the prime reason why they do not diet during comeback promotions

Published on Jun 28, 2021 01:17 PM IST  |  336.3K
Brave Girls
Brave Girls | Photo Courtesy: News1

Brave Girls recently came on the show MBC’s ‘Point of Omniscient Interference’ or known as Omniscient Interfering View to promote their recent comeback single ‘Chi Mat Ba Ram’ that has already gained a lot of commercial success. The show revolves around a documentary style shooting of the lives of celebrities. Viewers and the guests on the show give a commentary on the documentary video. Brave Girls were seen giving a peek of their new spacious dormitory that they had just shifted into. It was noticed that the girls were eating without any restraint between schedules. This is something unconventional since idols, especially girl groups, usually are on a strict diet during their comeback period. 


The four women were seen relishing pizza, a plate of sushi, pumpkin soup and spicy stir-fry hot pot while they sat in the car after work. During the commentary, the hosts were curious about this and asked the members of the group about whether they follow a diet like other girl groups or not. Brave Girls gave a fitting reply where they accepted that a lot of girl groups do such a thing, however, they do not since their priority is to maintain physical stamina. During the comeback period, idols are overloaded with work because they have multiple shoots and promotions in addition to performances and practices. They work tirelessly during this time which is why it is a crucial point where they have to take care of their health. Girl groups often diet during this period to make sure they look healthy and good during the performances and promotions. Nevertheless, Brave Girls have taken a different route where they maintain their health by making sure that they eat adequate food to sustain their energy through the busy schedules. 


Brave Girls have shown that one should do and follow what works for them, even if it is different from what everyone else does. 


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