BREAKING: KBS drops Ji Soo from the lead role of River Where The Moon Rises; Replacement still in discussion

According to an exclusive report by News1, Ji Soo has been dropped from the popular show after the actor accepted the bullying allegations
BREAKING: KBS drops Ji Soo from the lead role of River Where The Moon Rises; Replacement still in discussion
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Actor Ji Soo, popularly known for his roles in Strong Girl Bong-soon, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, and My First First Love, has been reportedly removed from the popular ongoing sageuk drama River Where The Moon Rises, according to News1. The filming for the show was halted and the release of episodes was postponed as the production house was waiting for Ji Soo’s apology letter. 

It all started with a post on March 2, where a classmate of Ji Soo accused him of bullying and being a perpetrator of school violence. After this post went viral, other former classmates came forward and accused him of sexual violence, too. Following this, the actor's agency Keyeast Entertainment released a statement saying that the matter would be investigated without any bias. Following this, the actor released a handwritten apology letter on his Instagram, admitting the allegations and apologizing for his deeds. 




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According to the exclusive report by News1, after careful consideration, KBS has decided to drop Ji Soo from the lead role. The scripts for the drama have been completed up to episode 18 and he has already filmed 95% of his parts of the show. However, the discussions about keeping or removing the cuts, having a replacement actor and other production & marketing details are yet to be finalised. When asked for confirmation, KBS  stated that their official stand of keeping or dropping off the actor will be announced tomorrow. 

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Anonymous 2 months ago

I don't think it skould be so. Of has been a long time and he has been in many other dramas why didn't the person come forth then. I don't think all the allegations are true. There might be an atom of truth about delinquent behaviour that is characteristic of all teenagers but This is a propaganda to bring him die by blowing the truth out of proportion.